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Here's Art he's 97. Bought that skier a beer.
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Here's Art he's 97. Bought that skier a beer.

Looks damn good for 97..doesn't look a day over 80. 

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One of the crew I ski with asked Art what his advice was for living/skiing so long. Keep moving was his reply.
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Since I started this thread, I got to be 82.  I have been working to conform my skiing to my AC 50's with some success.  I have been looking at alternatives for new skis in shops, magazines and online.  None of the skis that were suggested to me on this thread struck my fancy.

A ski that interested me was the Atomic Vantage 90.  On Monday my son suggested that I try a few runs on his Atomic Crimson Ti.  I really liked them and that afternoon I bought a pair of Atomic Vantage 90 which ski remarkably similar.

The new skis are so much easier to ski than my AC 50's that they will undoubtedly add years to my skiing career.

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Lou was supposed to be joining his friends last year at Nubs Knob but I had to ski at Boyne Highlands with friends.  Would have loved to ski with him.  I spent a couple of hours skiing with guys in their mid 80s to o 90s that day.  They were all inspirational and some still skied really well.


I am in my mid 70s and still ski fast despite having partial disability after losing muscle from a rare muscle disease 11 years ago.  Life is different but good.  For hard/packed snow I ski Head iSupershape Rallys which are not only high performance but easy to ski.  Ski Dynastar Outland 87s for soft snow but not great on the hard stuff.  I was a Volkl skier for decades but there are so many great skis out there and others have made good recommendations.  Hope to be skiing into my 80s and beyond and that my disease stays in remission. 



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The Atomic Vantage 90 are really terrific skis.  Get them on edge and they carve nice round turns or short fall line turns if you prefer.  I'm getting a lot more enjoyment out of my skiing.  On Wednesday while enjoying my skis at Mt. Bachelor, I was riding up with a guy who asked me how old I was.  When I told him, he said that his father had skied until age 92 and suggested that I have a ways to go.  I'm just going from year-to-year just now but I seem to be holding up all right. 

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Thank you for posting. I am only a mere 68 and will be 69 when the season starts. I was a die-hard volkl fan went through 5 pairs of them but now I've totally changed what I ski because I had the same skis as you and they became much too much work and those recommendations that they're giving you expecially from Phil you're going to know such a difference with the newer skis you will love it. Enjoy
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Thanks to everyone who suggested that I get new skis.  Last week I concluded my 69th season of skiing with two mornings of the best spring skiing that I have had in many years.  The new skis made a huge difference in my enjoyment.  I was able to get in a lot more runs than I would have on my Volkl AC 50's.  I am looking forward to next ski season when Mt Bachelor will have a new lift that will not be as negatively impacted as the other lifts by the bad weather that is common at Mt. Bachelor and I will be cruising on my new skis. 

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