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Just Ordered the TENEX

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Well, I finally placed my ski order. I ordered the TENEX in a 184cm length with a Xentrix 412.EX binding. This is a long ski for me. I also ordered a pair of Freezone 120's
Wanted something for Fernie.
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Nice Pierre! But what, are you saying you need to lock your heel down on those?
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AC, been thinking about that one. I am no where near in good physical condition to attack the mountain on pins this year. I am still having trouble with my shoulder and it has affected my overall physical condition. I may latter convert them to pins. Its my understanding that the Linkens have been modified to eliminate the snow buildup under the foot. I am going to modify the pair that I currently have.
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Now you did it AC, I just remembered that I have a nearly new pair of Salomon 850's that I could mount on the Vertigo's and transfer the Linkens to the TENEX. That would give me a sweet ski to just carve around on and teach plus the TENEX to really rip it up with youz at Fernie. Damn now I can't decide if I want to go with the force or cross over to the dark side.

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Hehehe...choices! I'm fairly new to tele and am no expert, but the 10ex is suuweeeet skiing floppy heel. I've also never seen a fat ski that can carve on hardpack like this one -- a very nice thing with linkens and the parallel carving option they provide.

I'm also going to be trying the new linken anti-snowpacking modification as soon as we get snow. I'll let you know how it goes (as you very well know, our conditions here will be a meaningful test for snowpacking in the linkens!). I hope you do go freeheel on the wide boards, that would truly be an excellent Fernie ski.
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...ummm, Pierre..just met up with the TENEX today at a local shop...with Atomic's design/construction....looks like quite the exciting ski...not just another surfboard.
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Quit making excuses for Fernie. Get your butt in shape.

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Guys, I have a feeling any ski will be great at Fernie, especially with all the pow they get. I am going to order a fat ski within the next few weeks. The 10ex is in the running with the xxx and the Volant Chubb if I can find one. I know you own both A.C. which do you like best? Hey Pierre? What happened to the Volkl wide body? Thought you loved it.
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I bought the same ski, same length. Gonna put AT bindings on em.
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Lars, I sent this to you via PM, but thought I'd post it here for others who are looking at these skis

You are certainly a strong enough skier for the tenex -- and it takes a strong skier (technique wise, not strength wise). It is unforgiving when you are out of position on it (especially in the backseat), then it is hard to control. When you are in the right spot balance wise, it holds and edge and is stable like no fat ski I've ever been on (or midfat for that mater) -- only racing skis have better edge hold (this is basically a mass-market-level racing ski made wide). It is a little more work than last year's XXX, but performs better when you are on top of it.

My only hesitation in recommending it to you is last year in our on-slope talk of skis it sounded like you preferred damp skis to more lively ones. The tenex is more on the lively-end than the damp-end of the spectrum. This is not to say it is unstable (it has a VERY high speed limit), but it gives you a lot of feedback (not chatter, but you do feel a crispness that is softened-up more with the XXX and I suspect others boards).

If you can demo, that would be the way to go as these issues are very skier-specific.

Also, this year's XXX is a complete redesign from last year's, so I know nothing about it. I have heard it is higher performance than the old one (which typically means that it is less forgiving of bad body position, but is more stable and holds better when you are on top of it -- like the tenex!).

For a damp, and very fun fat/west-cost ski, you should look at the Volant Chubb.

...and hey, last year was only my first year tele skiing -- this year I expect to pick up the speed with you guys in Fernie!
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so JW, are you going to be the one strapped to em' on Tucks...come April..? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Lars, I did not like the Volkl as much as I did the TENEX out at Squaw. As you recall, I tried four skis. The Chubbs were easy, very forgiving and damp. The Bandit XXX didn't do anything great as far as I was concerned. The Bandit does reward lousy technique though. The Volkl G41 was a bit heavy, very damp, a bit slow edge to edge and rewarded good technique. The TENEX was light, lively and highly responsive to good technique. The TENEX did get me out of some diecy situations when I attempted to follow the tram down from the mid lodge without the help of AC or a trail map. I was getting mighty worried that my snow would end above something un-huckable.
Did you get my e-mail I sent you. I am going to Fernie for as long as I can afford, five to seven days. I haven't made reservations yet as I am hoping to room with someone most of the time. My family is not going this year.
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Pierre eh,

HEY!!! I RESEMBLE THAT REMARK!!! About the XXX's [img]smile.gif[/img]
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not sure about Tucks in April, but Fernie in February is a definite.
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Hey Lars, if your picking up a pair of fats keep in mind Atomics comming out with a couple new ones this Nov. , all 3 models are wide and twin tipped or so they say......as the rumor goes....oh ya one of them is real close to the 10.ex just a little softer....but this is just a rumor you know.........
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Thanks for all the info guys. A.C. I didn't get your message for some reason. Pierre, I tried to send you a private message, hope you got it. Can't find any Chubbs around here, am having my cousin Rob in Co. look for a pair this weekend at the Denver ski swap. Will probably go for the XXX if I can't get some. Even though I'm a decent skier, I need a ski that can alow me to recover from the back seat on steeps.Usually I'm strong enough to pull it out, even in the afternoon crud. It's those blind ditches in flat light underneath KT22 that really get ya. haha!

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AC passed some info on some cheap prices for XXX 2001/2002's. Send me an PM with your e-mail and I will forward it to you. I am thinking about getting some XXX's but can't decide on the 178 or 185(?).

Anybondy using a lift on their FATS?


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There have been a lot of Chubbs on ebay. (New ones too)
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I have seen some of last seasons xxx on a site in Canada they were around $600.00 Canadian. That should be about $380.00 US dollors even with shipping That seems like a pretty good price.
If you are in the Market for some skis check them out skiandsnowboards.com
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Pierre, AC, et al,

Am also looking to add a pair of fats to the quiver. I skied two pairs of skis out at Squaw: Dynastar BIGS and Volkl G41's. Wasn't WOWed by either of them (still think the best fat ski I've skied is the old Snow Ranger). Two questions for you guys that have skied them both, comparing the XXX to the TENEX: Which do you think is better for tree skiing, ie. quicker edge to edge, more responsive, and is $499 for a TENEX 190cm a good price?
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