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Sawtooth Skiing?

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Does anyone know of any decent skiing in the sawtooths north of Ketchum??
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With lifts?

My daughter hiked for her turns near Stanley. But that was two springs back.
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Is that a photo she took?
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That's a photo the guy above her took. That's her on her first back country tour.
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Do you have any idea where that is?
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Will PM you.
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Basically, they hiked a trail up to Thompson Peak and went down through bowls West of that.
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I did some cool BC skiing outside Ketchum with the crew from the Avi center there several winters ago.  The terrain was really good.  It makes one wonder why they didn't go a few miles deeper and build lifts where the good skiing is.  I only skied a small part of what is back there.  I think one of the runs we skied was called Gladiator.

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