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2016 Aspen Gathering Roommate and Carpool Thread Bookmark  

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Looking for shared lodging or a carpool, or have one to offer?  A thread about that is located here:  



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Thread locked at the request of the Gathermeister.


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Notes about lodging made in the general Gathering thread in June.


Originally Posted by Gathermeister View Post

I'm at work right now, so the quick answer for most people is:


Stay withing walking or skiing distance of one base area and of where you catch the bus for the other two.

The other strategy is stay further away and plan to bus or drive to the intercept lot (every bus between Snowmass and Aspen stops there).


For this gathering, I rented a small VRBO condo across the street from the Snowmass base area (it was a good deal, so I snapped it up).

Last year I rented at the Snowmass Inn ($140+taxes&fees = real total $160 /night) and was very happy there.  Most of the motels and condos along the Village Express lift are nearly ski-in ski-out, with an easy walk to the slope to ski down, or directly to the Snowmass Mall (the main bus stop).


I've been getting advertisements for even better motel rates from Booking.com (I rented from them once in Vermont).  Some of them are in Snowmass and some in Aspen itself, which some people prefer for the nightlife and "cool" factor.

(Highlands has some condos too, but they seem to all be expensive high-end places.)


There are also some excellent rates on larger condos that would require driving.


I'll post details and some maps when I'm not at work.



Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

My general recommendations to new visitors to the valley.


If you have little kids, stay in Snowmass.

Everybody else, stay in town.   There's just a lot more activities in town and a big part of what makes Aspen special, is the town. 


Snowmass is a little cheaper, has a lot more intermediate terrain and many of the Gatherlings may choose to stay in Snowmass for the camaraderie.  So YMMV.


The cheapest condo complexes in Snowmass are below the lifts, Shuttle out/ski back.


Season's Four

Snowmass Mountain Condo's [name of a specific condo complex]


IMHO, you'd really have to be saving a lot to stay in Carbondale or Glenwood.



Baring any more major replacement of body parts, I'm looking forward to my first Gathering.



Originally Posted by fatbob View Post
Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post


@dbostedo, GM says it quite well here.  You can take the buss from and to any of the Aspen Resorts, just stay somewhat close to any of them and you'll be fine. 

Other areas you're looking at like Carbondale are going to be a little more difficult because parking is not easy, or cheap if you drive from one to the other.  Most lodging has some kind of parking pass or pre-pay parking deal for long term guest parking. 



Just to clear this up based on my experiences last winter- you can drive from Carbondale or Glenwood quite easily - the only real factor is traffic density once you pass El Jebel/Basalt.  The very worst traffic is encountered between Snowmass Junction and town/Highlands road which means even if you're at Snowmass with a car you might prefer to take the bus..  If you drive you have the options to park for free at Snowmass Rodeo Lot, Intercept Lot or Buttermilk (for Highlands shuttle).  Additionally on Sundays you can park free on street in Aspen.  You can also street or structure park for free in Aspen in the evenings I understand


You can also use free park n ride lots all the way up the valley(although obviously you are paying a bus fare from down valley locations).  Personally I find the drive from Glenwood fine but it does probably depend on whether you regard the trip as your main vacation or an additional bonus (Hotwire frequently has 3* + rooms in Glenwood for less than $50 so the difference might well fund a very nice day's consumption)



Originally Posted by Gathermeister View Post

I confess to be surprised how quickly the good deals have filled up. Are we making our own demand, or are there a lot of other early bookers out there?


Two weeks ago I was getting emails advertising the Holiday Inn around $120, but that has disappeared :(  As did the $109 in Aspen.

Even the Pokolodi is now showing $259 and only 8 rooms left.


The Snowmass Inn is still showing $140 per night.  (Hotel room with 2 double beds, fridge, microwave, access to pool/hot tub).


www.vrbo.com (vacation rentals by owner) is a well-known source for condo and house rentals.

homeaway is the same company as VRBO, but I'm not sure if they are exactly the same rentals.


They have some competitors as well: 


Flipkey (associated with trip advisor) seems to have a lot of listings.  A quick, semi-random search finds a ski-in/out with 3 bedrooms and 5 beds for $522/night = $104/per bed, per night, but you need to get a group together.


Airbnb now has 3 levels of rentals -- whole apartment, private room, and their original just-a-bed.   I haven't done an extensive search, but there seem to be some good deals.  I see a 1 bed studio apartment with off-street parking about one mile from the Snowmass base for $122/night or $750/week.  Or a 1 bedroom plus sofabed about 3 miles away for $135. Or a 3 bedroom/6 bed house in Aspen for $486/night.


Roomorama is another competitor, but they don't seem to have much of a presence in Colorado.


I started in VRBO but wound up at vacasa, who I rented from:



Personally, I don't want to have to drive, but Basalt (~10 miles away, I think) is showing $109 to $150 a night.

Even Glenwood Springs (quite a long drive, out by the interstate) is showing $118/night for the Holiday Inn.


Tyrolean Lodge in downtown Aspen is showing $180, but only a few rooms left.

St Moritz, also downtown Aspen, has dorm room beds for $74/night or a "private hostel room" (2 beds) for $169.



(All these are the marquee price -- add taxes and fees.)


I am still going to contact some places, but given that there seems to be more demand than I expected, I'm not too confident I'll get a special deal.


Direct links include:



There may be package deals available by going in that way, or calling the phone numbers on those sites.

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For those who haven't used something like VRBO before to for a short term (< 2 weeks) rental of a condo or house, important to keep in mind common extra costs:


*  cleaning fee, can range from $100 to $250

*  tax, ranges from about 4% to 13% between Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, Carbondale, etc.

*  resort fee, can be $20-30 at Snowmass

*  daily parking fee, if applicable

*  charge for extra guests above a base number, usually only applies to large places for 8+ people


Best to ask questions of the owner/manager and not just rely on info on a webpage.  True for the nightly rate and the bed arrangement as well.


If have a group of 4 or more, the cost per person per night can be comparable to a hotel room.  But takes a bit more effort to find the good deals.  Even for 2BR/2BA condos at Snowmass, there is a fair amount of variation in the set up.  A 2BR with a king and a queen bed is great for two couples, but not good for 4 ski buddies who aren't interested in sharing beds.


The point about tax rate is that if you are comparing two condos in different places, the difference in tax rate is a factor.  Best to compare total cost for specific dates, not just the nightly rate.


Deposit amounts and timing for balance due vary, as do cancellation policies.  For example, some places require a deposit of a few hundred dollars while others require 50% of the total.  


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A few more June posts from the general Gathering thread below.


Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post

Holiday Inn Express (Wildwood) is one flight of stairs up from the main mall at Snowmass and easy walk to the slopes.  Pokolodi and Snowmass Inn are one flight down from the mall and an even easier walk to the slopes with Snowmass Inn some 40 meters closer than Pokolodi. Both on a flat road direct to the slopes and the bus to Aspen Mountain/Highlands is right outside the door of either.


Holiday Inn Express (Wildwood) is an older place with a new coat of paint and is a short walk to the bus.


Zanes Tavern in Snowmass Village for cheap happy hour eats and suds.

Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post

I stayed at the Pokolodi last season and the Holiday Inn (Wildwood) the season before that. As of last season there was no Vegas style "resort fee" at Pokolodi or Snowmass Inn but there was at the Holiday Inn. When at the Holiday Inn I got a special from their webpage about 5 weeks out that came in at $197 all in and last season stayaspensnowmass.com had a buy 4 get 1 free winter special that made the cost at the Pokolodi $193 per night all in.  I used Mountain Collective for lifts both times.


I spoke with the general manager at Pokolodi last season and he mentioned a possible group rate during the upcoming Gathering dates of $159-$169 before taxes a night depending on commitment level.  His info is on the Pokolodi.com website I believe.



Originally Posted by skier31 View Post



Above is a link to a house I rented in  Snowmass with a group of my friends last year.  I received a 20% discount for booking in the summer.  It is a great location and it can sleep quite a few people. Great hot tub, great views of the mountain, ski in easily and ski out with a short walk to the trail.





Originally Posted by Gathermeister View Post

For example, the RFTA flyer shows a bus stop at Sinclair Road.  Look for the intersection of Sinclair and Brush Creek Rd = CO 10.




The bus stop is the brown square near the white car.

We can go into Street View to verify this,



And then use the condo locators on the rental sites to see if you consider that walkable.


The main bus stop in Snowmass is at the Snowmass Mall.   The stop at the Base Village is underground in (I think) a parking structure.


edit - I think this is the house in the background!  http://www.vrbo.com/3653940ha#  

8 beds for $907/night (real total, including taxes and fees).  Not too bad.

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