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Silver Mountain, Idaho

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My ski buds asked me to join them at Silver Mountain next January/February.   I’ve never been there and would be interested in others' experience.  I don't see a lot on the web about this place, but it looks nice and they talk about thin crowds.    


I ski on/off piste 40/60%.  I usually ski Utah - BCC/LCC or Jackson 3-4 times a year.  Have skied most of the I70 resorts many times in the past.  How is the snow coverage and quality at Silver Mountain?  Is Silver Mountain comparable to any of these other resorts and is there enough there to make it a 5 day destination trip?  I don't care too much about nightlife, but would like to be able to get a beer and a reasonably good dinner that is not a hamburger.  Thanks for the feedback!

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Paging @Pete No. Idaho.

However, have you looked at the long term forecast for this winter?
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I last skied Silver Mtn in 2000 after the expansion.  I'd skied it as Silverhorn in the 80's quite a bit and it's got some tough runs.  The hard runs like Shoofly aren't that long, however.  I'd compare it to the Canyons rather than Alta/Snowbird.  Five days is a bunch for what I'd consider a day area vs. a destination resort.  I'd go on longer about amenities but my information is pretty dated.

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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

However, have you looked at the long term forecast for this winter?


A reference to the "biggest El Nino in decades"?

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Sibhusky, I'm here.


Silver 2015-16.  The El Nino forecast sucks for snow.  Most predictions are worse than last year and last year was bad.


If we have the snow I would recommend being flexible.  Lookout Pass is 25 mins away, Schweitzer is 90 min away, Whitefish is 3 hours, this all from Kellogg Id.  If we get the powder it would be a great trip.  There are no crowds, just avoid holidays and Saturdays at Schweitzer and 
Whitefish and Sat. at Lookout (free lessons for kids day).  


A perfect itinerary would be:  Mon & Tue at Silver, Wed at Lookout (they are closed Tue so Wed can be a good powder day), Thurs at Schweitzer and Fri pick of choice.


There is some very good off piste at Silver and I would be happy to show you.  A picture tells the story better:


Sunrise Run, notice the crowds, groomed.  Peel off skiers R into the trees and good powder


Last day last year, again notice the crowds about 3 inches of pow fun stuff, tracks are mine


Upper and lower Terrible Edyths, never groomed and some nice powder, 



IMG_0534.JPG Never groomed good powder, can get about 2/3 was up on high traverse, 35-40 min hike to top but not too bad as you can boot pack on cat road on far side.


Some tree skiing on back side-Montana sideBackside at Lookout Pass notice all the tracks, well they're mine I guess so thats not so bad


Bottom of Hercules-chair 3

Lookout again on Chair 3 North side, damn lst tracks again


For clarification the last two pic's are Lookout Pass and the ones before are Silver


Some powder off Chair 3 on Northside (my tracks) PeteLookouy chair 3 Crowded


Front side looking up from LodgeFront of Lookout, must be midweek and good stuff.


Anyway that will give you an idea.  My Opinions only.   Silver has some good advanced runs but no real double diamond steeps but some really good tree and powder skiing, no crowds at all midweek or Sun and you can really let it go and ski to your hearts and legs content.


Lookout is smaller terrain wise with shorter runs but if threes powder it can be awesome.


To really access and enjoy the attributes of these two area you really need a local guide or I guarantee you won't find the really good stuff on a powder day.


Hope this helps out a little.


Kellog.  One good restaurant and several good ones.   Wallace 10 mi away has a really good one  "City Limits" which is a brewery and restaurant.


If you come let me know and I can be more detailed etc. and happy to show you the stuff.

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That's if you're not back East on your New England Odyssey.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

That's if you're not back East on your New England Odyssey.


OR in Whitefish skiing deep powder in Hell Roaring Basin.  I have been looking at Hostels in Burlington and vicinity and about $35 a night' figure about $150 a day for lift, lodging, food, beer etc., if I drive that far would like to stay a month but $$ add up, we'll see.  Of course I won't ski every day so still contemplating,

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in Whitefish skiing deep powder in Hell Roaring Basin.

From your mouth to God's ear..
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What Pete said, he is the expert on the place.


Very good hill when the snow is there. Not a lot of death defying steeps, but some great trees and hikeable stuff. With the normal absense of a crowd during the week there is probably more hill than you have legs. A nice feature there compared to Utah or Colorado is the altitude, much lower; yet farther north which helps to dry out the snow normally.


If there is snow, go. You'll like it.

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Thanks for the info, much appreciated. 

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