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I wanted get this out there.....not sure if it was a mistake or what, but buyer beware.  


Ordered the 176cm Dobermann Pro GS Xbi Ct's off Sierra Trading Post.  Currently offered at $345.  Bindings are pictured but not spec'd anywhere on the site.  The most recent review (18 months ago) says they didn't come with the order, which, without the Vist 14 system binding, renders them useless.  Been watching these on STP for a few years as their inventory is seemingly the last in the country, but prices remained high.  Once they dropped, I planned to switch the Vist 14's off some 171 / 181's when they died out but to my greedy delight, the order came with.  I've had this ski in the quiver for years, bought my first pair from Jim at Start Haus when the Marker was integrated and been stockpiling ever since.  East Coast ripper.  Love 'em and they don't make them quite the same anymore.  Had the full Gollum in the basement at the tuning bench when they were opened.


Hopefully it makes someone else work a three man team to keep the box out of eye shot of the Wifey.