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Ski recommendation

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East coast mainly, with once a year out west

Family skiing plus keeping up with semi aggressive buddies

5'10 170lbs

Can get any of the following for around $325
What's the call?

Blizzard Magnum 8.5 Ti 174cm from a couple of years ago

Fischer Motive 86 175cm last year model

Head Rev 85 177cm from 2 years ago

Leaning towards Blizz but too stiff? Like the Fischer more for bumps but can it hold an edge in the east and go fast? Head is third choice I think

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The Blizzard is the stiffest and you aren't that heavy, it could through you around. The Motive is a fun ski and a very good balance and can be skied pretty aggressively. The Head is a ton of fun and had most finesse traits. Motive and Head 1 and 1A, Blizzard third. 

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Few questions that might help clarify things a touch: Where in the east do you tend to ski? What boots do you own? What kind of skiing do you like to do, as in terrain and style? What level do you see yourself at? How many days a year do you ski? And how many if any lessons have you taken?


All that said, I'd tend to agree completely with Phil's ordering. More about where you fit into it. My hunch is the Head if you're more about softer snow and bumps, the Motive if you're more about firmer and motoring along at speed. "More about" here meaning priority; obviously the east will tend to have firmer conditions than your time out west. 

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It's actually for my friend. Should have made that clear. Going to recommend the Fischer. A touch softer is probably better. can hold an edge in the east? How deep is the tip rocker? Camber underfoot? I just don't want him slipping away on an icy steep.

I'm on the magnum myself so know it well.

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The Fischer Ranger 88 TI is a nice, slighty softer, alternative to the Motive 86 TI. The 2015 model that is; the new 2016 model will be very diferent (90 mm wide and much more soft snow oriented).

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