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boot recommendation for wide forefoot and high arches

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As inferred from the subject, I have wide feet and high arches. I am looking to buy new boots this offseason (to move up from my Salomon Verse boots) and I was wondering if anyone out there has experience fitting boots to this foot type. The Dolomite Sintesi 7.5 fit and Atomic R9 look good just from reviews, but I would like some feedback from skiiers as well. Also, I have gathered that footbeds are the way to go, but what opinions are out there about liners, i.e. the Dolomite form fit liner. Thanks for any and all help.
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I liked the Dolomites also but found the Dalbello Anvanti V-Pro Custom to have good room in the front with proper heel fit too. I probably could have gone down a liner size and probably will. The upper cuff is roomy and the boot performs great. The boot has a nice flex pattern throughout the range of flex and is adjustable. The boot is plenty stiff at max stiffness setting and temps below 30 degrees F. Lateral stiffness is quick and responsive. The heat form lining is a nice fit but ski them for a couple of weeks with your footbeds before your have them molded.

Overall I thought the Avanti Pro had a closer fit than the Sintesi 8.5 that I tried on. Plus that fifth buckle sometime would touch in flexing the boot. However, I liked the way the fifth buckle locked you into the heel pocket.

For me it was the good close fit on the body of the boot and the real nice upper cuff that sold me. Very comfortable. I have spent ten hours non-stop on these and got back in to them the next day with no problems.

I wear a 4E in New Balance tennis shoes if that helps.

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Try Tecnica Rival series. With my foot the same shape, a bootfitter suggested these and in fact refused to sell anything else last spring when his store was out of stock. So I ended up with a pair of Tecnica Rival RX7's found elsewhere that fit perfectly (and I try to use that shop as much as I can now since they gave such good advice).

Tecnica designs a boot specifically for "high-volume" feet like you describe -- this is from their web site (http://www.tecnicausa.com/skiing/rival.sht)

RIVAL X9 Ultrafit HVL
The H.V.L. or High Volume Last is designed for individuals with E to EE widths. The liner is lasted on a specific HVL last. The last changes have been made internally, not externally, insuring correct closure and wrap of the shell. The HVL system offers the maximum capacity that the shell can accommodate without being altered. HVL models are clearly marked with an HVL insignia.
That said, I was amazed at how different boots felt when I tried on 5 or 6 different pair at the shop, all marked as exactly the same size. So ignore everything else you read here -- or at most use it as a starting point -- and get into a shop with experienced help to fit make sure you're getting it right.
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Check out the Head FR (freeride) 10.5 or the Edge 10.5. Both are super wide in the forefoot. Loved the overall quality of the boot, especially the buckles, but they were just too wide for me. Give them a try.
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Mac is right those Heads are good boots too. Unfortunately, I found them only after I bought my Ananti's.

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Whatever you do, don't try Lange or Nordica. It will be an excruciating moment in your life. I too hav the same foot structure and have found that I am most comfortable in the Tecnica Rival series (Although I have a tendency to pour my foot into a pair of Nordica Doberman's for their race quality). Most importantly, you should realize that a boot is a reference point and a good fitter should be able to move your foot and manipulate the boot so that it is comfortable.
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Lange redesigned their boots last year, so with a little work they fit my wide forefoot/narrow ankle. I need the boot work since my feet are different widths and have a few other abnormalities. I may be picking up pair of Comp 120s for racing in the not-too-distant future.

Not to step on any toes, but I'd say try every boot you can find. I made the mistake of buying an Atomic after briefly trying them on becasue they were wide enough for my feet. After 30 minutes my feet fell asleep because the top of the boot was cutting off circulation at the ankle. Not good. They might fit your foot, though. Find a good bootfitter.

I've had good luck with Salomon (after some work), but the toes aren't replaceable. I like replaceable toes and heels because even though I don't walk around the parking lot in them, they get chewed up in the spring or at camps. Since the boot toes and heels are an important factor in binding release, I like to keep them in good shape. That's one of the reasons I'm looking at the Langes. Head was a pretty close fit as well, but I thought the Langes were a better boot for me.

Boot fitting should be a long, slightly painful process to get right so skiing doesn't have to be. At least, that's my experience.
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I did a search on this but didn't find much. Does anybody have a recommendation for a boot with a large cuff. Many boots seem to fit my foot, but my calf is an issue that causes me problems.
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I have wide forefeet, high arches, and large calves. After years of trying all types of boots and experiencing different levels of performance (and pain), I finally bought a pair of foamed Strolz boots. The boot shells come in a variety of widths and stiffness. Cuffs also come in sizes.
What a difference. I put the boots on in the A.M. and don't touch a buckle until the end of the day! They're more expensive than most boots, but you're not going to feel a need to try another boot for many, many years.
Strolz boots are sold in many shops around the U.S. Mine are from Strand's in Worcester, MA.
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First of all, thanks for all the above posts. While I know that I must go to a shop, try on boots, and have them fit, I'm starting to show an interest in the Tecnica Rival RX Hotform. I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience/opinions about this boot and also any pricing information. Thanks again for your help.
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Since there is plenty of time to make your decision you may want to to a search in this forum using "Jeff Bergeron" as the search term. Then look at the boot fitting "advice asked and given" thread. It is quite long.

Jeff Bergeron is considered by many to be one of the country's top bootfitters. If your question hasn't already been asked by someone else and reponded to, you can bring up the thread and get his perspective in addition to the views expressed so far. It is the sourse of a lot interesting information about different boots and the art of bootfitting as well.

Good luck. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I did finally purchase a pair of 02/03 Tecnica Rival 8.0 boots from Freestyle in C'ville... They fit my foot great and I get to pay for them over the next 2 months (great for a poor grad student who should spend his money on books). I will be getting Superfeet custom footbeds for them before the season starts (scheduled as November 29 for Wintergreen, VA). All I need for now is to get my Marker 1200 pistons mounted to the 170cm Atomic R9s and for the snow to start falling...
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I have a splayed forefoot and collapsed arches, and tiny heels! I got some salomon x-waves from surefoot here in Oz, with their footbeds, and foamed inners. And they are the worst fitting boot imaginable. I realised just how poorly they fit when I got into some ordinary rental Dalbellos last week (the ones with 2 ratchet straps at the ankle), and these rentals fit better.
I now put my new orthotics in my ski boots, and this has given me a high arch to add to the mess. I'll be shopping for new boots again at some point, and am not looking forward to it. I know which brand I won't be buying though!
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I have an extremely wide forefoot. Shoe size 10.5 EEEE. The Technica Rival-wide last do not fit me comfortably, nor the Dolomite nor any Solomon. The only boot I have found that accomodates my foot is an Austrian boot called Strolz. They have several models one of which is the widest boot available. They are available in flow liners or injection molded for a custom fit. There are relatively few dealers, but there is at least one within driving distance of most areas of the country. This is an extremely high quality, well made product. They do not come cheap, but for many like me they are well worth the investment.
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In case you're interested, Strolz contact info:

Strolz boots are available in the U.S. through distributor George Donovan at (603) 431-2110; website(international): www.strolz.at.
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Well here's my 03/04_mAgAzine_built *to try* list so far anthea,

1) several Atomics....(a couple of last season's GS models along with this season's "Wide" models)
2) Head's WorldCup Ti M103 SuperHeat3
3) Tecnica's Rival X9 Ultrafit
4) Rossignol's PowerRace 9.1 Pro (i may be wayyy off with this one )
..Will a Rossi race boot actually fit with my instep??? :
5) and Bandit B2

..then add in the boots previously mentioned.....


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