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What bindings for Volkl V-Pro's???

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I've been skiing for a few years now and have used my trusty Salomon X-Scream 9's 185cm w/ Salomon 912 Ti bindings for the past two seasons. I'd consider myself reasonably competent and pretty aggressive on the snow - I usually ski at the edge of my abilities and try to push the envelope a bit [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'm 6'3', usually about 80kgs, boots are Salomon X-Wave 10.0 - length 30.5 (UK 12).

Basically I'm looking to buy a pair of twin tip ski's for use in whatever conditions I find myself in. I've been looking around and reckon that the Volkl V-Pro's will fit the bill - tho I'd like to see the Gotama's alongside as I'll prolly need to feel the flex for myself before purchasing them.

Anyhoo, after all that on to the important part. Even though I'm reasonably certain about the ski I'm looking for, I would really appreciate a little guidance on what bindings may be the most appropriate for the Volkl V-pro's or Gotama's (though I'm leaning towards the V-Pro's more at this stage).

Any advice would be appreciated.
Cheers [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Look P-14, P-12 or P-10 pending your DIN settings. Can't go wrong.
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I skiied a 190 V-Pro last year with Marker 1200 Pistons. I should have gotten a widebrake model, but it worked out anyway.

For this year, I have 180 V-Pros and 176 Gotamas. I will be using 1400 Pistons and 1400 Frees respectively.
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Looks P-series are a great choice but you'll need to decide between the base model, Lifter model or MaxPlate model. For that ski I would go with the Lifter model to get the extra lift without extra expense and weight of the MaxPlate.
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Thanks all for your reply's [img]smile.gif[/img]

Took me a while to find info on the Look bindings - until I discovered them on Dynastar's site, Doh. Hopefully I'll be able to find a stockist of all the bits (Volkl Ski's and Marker & Look bindings) to get a feel for them before buying.
I must admit I like the look of the look bindings (sorry 'bout the really bad pun there ) - 'specially the P-14 Maxplate.

I s'pose I ski waaaay east of where you may expect. I live in Scotland and kick around Glencoe or Glenshee as many weekends in the season as there is snow to ski (only a few hours up the road). I usually get about three weeks in the season to ski abroad - usually France, Italy or Austria. I've only been across the pond once so far - those looooooong flights are a bit of a drawback

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