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Access, lack of on hill lodging options, and not much true beginner terrain. Lot's of off piste options... about 70% of the mountain probably. Vert... around 3100'. Terrain? Pretty rollicking... multiple mini bowls.. trees, chutes, steep groomers, great views, lot's of side and back country as well.   


Here's a link to a trail map:   http://crystalmountainresort.com/wp-content/themes/crystalmountain/pdfs/Map_CM_1-2015.pdf



and the hill:

Thx Marko , Dude, the crew in the first video are shredding it, and in keeping with your preamble, the lead-in was perfect, pass closed, go around the country to get to Crystal ! Too damned funny, grinned almost instantaneously while trying to down the last dregs of scotch in a bar with a friend while reading that. They know their way around, terrain looks incredible, like the 70% off-piste notion as since our traipsing through  L'Espace Killy, with 80% of terrain off-piste, CM seems like a version with different topography I am sure, after all right under Rainier. The second video was cool, though everyone there seems to be an 'expert', a lot of good skiers, and they gave a great view of the terrain in 'used' and road often traveled conditions. The first vid was powder heaven, that is light fluff. 


Thanks much for the info, learn something, will research vertical, slope difficulty, and this intro will give me the road-map.

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Honest to gosh o golly Rocky Mt. "light fluff" is pretty rare in the PNW. While it was really nice those days, it still wasn't 'light'... think 'medium'. We're just a big local hill.  :)

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The second video did not have the 'down feather' glide of the first, and was clearly populated by upper level skiers who were enjoying their terrain with care and smarts. The first one was hilarious in opening, and sublime in it's follow-up. So the terrain is really the same size and degree of difficulty (And I mean very roughly) on par with Snowbird. Very, very intriguing, this calls for a Google and Apple Map investigation of the area shortly, Tony Crocker - any input on Snowbird vs Crystal Mountain, not a contest or p-ssing match, just curious, very curious 


You are lucky Marko, you got one big enchilada of a mountain in your backyard dude

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I don't know if I'd go as far as saying we're big, but it's a nice hill for sure. Compared to Europe, we're tiny. 

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Having been lucky enough to spend time with the Eastern members of our PSIA team, there was a move last year to ski on the 35 meter radius FIS GS skis. It was explained that the removal of the aggressive sidecut promoted accurate body movements to engage the skis.


I spent most of last season on a cheater GS ski and am looking to getting some 170 volkl speedwall's for the upcoming season. They sold out last year really early.

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