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Ski Goggles

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Just came back from some snowboarding recently. Check out these dope goggles if you're looking for a new pair. 


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Wow. Oakley's.

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Do they make good sunglasses?biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post

Do they make good sunglasses?biggrin.gif


Sunglasses? They make SUNGLASSES?! Are they "dope" though?

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"Dope," eh?  Don't know if I'd care for goggles that were "dope."  


I remember "dope" fondly enough, but actually, when I ski, I rather see clearly, factually, and instantaneously, without the influence of "dope."




Just did some snowboarding, huh?  Where are you -- New Zealand?

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Whistler have anything open yet?
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