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Cars your should have bought but didn't.

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I am not saying that we should have stock piled Porsche 356's in the 70's when they were cheap but cars that you had in your grasps and you decided not to buy for one reason or another and now kinda kick yourself. 

my list...

88 MB 300E (124)...stick. Rare car. Black over red from a good home with all it's papers. 88,000 miles on it. Could have picked up for $3K in 05 or so.

72 VW Squareback. Clean car. I don't recall the miles but the ex had one as her first car and I thought it would be fun to have. $500 in 1988.

02 Vivid Yellow Sport, no Tupperware. My 92 B&T was just totaled and I was looking all over for a replacement Miata, I looked a bunch and this was the only NEW option I would have considered. There was this car in San Diego and Mark Booth turned me on to it. I just wouldn't go for the $22K or so it would have been to have a 3rd car. I need up with my 96M, not a bad consolation prize.

84 VW GTI. This when when it was still easy to find unmolested ones. This was in the mid 90's before I ever considered a Miata. CLEAN car, two sets of OEM wheels. The car was real nice. $3K, a lot at the time, I couldn't justify it. 

I know I wouldn't have any of these cars any more but they were a couple of sweet memories that were just out of reach for whatever reason.

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Can't really say I feel that I missed anything, car-acquisition-wise, up to this point, but I may be feeling some faint twinges currently on passing by the Q50 hybrid sport I mentioned elsewhere.  The RX 450 is pretty darn nice, and the wife is happy, but ......


Probably just a late-life crises thing, instead of actually missing  on truly note-worthy vehicle, since it's way to early to tell on the Q yet.

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My first car was almost a '74 Z28 and I should have bought it.  Not as pure as the earlier Z28's but would have been a great first car.  Ended up with a '72 Gran Torino Sport with a 351 Cleveland.  My mom's car. :(

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1968 Chevy Nova SS.


And a 1946 Ford Woodie.


and a Land Rover Defender 90.


Dad had a 48 ford 4 door sedan... somehow my sister ended up with it


Also had an MG T-Type, not sure what year, that he sold... doh!

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Oh one I really regret not buying was a bike.  A 193? Indian Chief fully restored fully restored. It came with a sidecar, winter curtains and a large box of extra parts. It could have been mine for less than $2.000 in the summer of 1971.  


There was just one small problem, it was in Naknek, Alaska and it would have cost another $4,000 to get it back to Anchorage. A young airman restored it at the hobby shop there and did a great job. I just could not make myself spend that much in transporting back to town.


Probably a good thing I did not get that bike; I am still here to tell about it.

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I should not have sold my '67 VW camper.

You should just ban me from the Automotive forum.
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I had a chance at a Porsche 356 Tirol edition in 1996 for $10k. I only made $40k at the time but I should have bought it. Ah well...
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Oh boy, that's a nice one, but:
Current bid:US $35,101.00
Reserve not met
[ 31 bids ]

Over $35k!! If I still had mine, I'd totally sell it for that!
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I had one of each style VW van; a 66 and a 70, and we still own our 90 Westfalia that we bought new.
I can't brag because it is no cream puff but I have everything it came with including it's factory spare and right down to two unused dealer Fahrvergnügen stickers! Lol.

I am not going to lie, although a little underpowered (upgrading to a Subaru motor is a popular option I am considering) - the 90 Westy blows away the old air cooled buses in terms of luxury and ride. It has real heat to mention one big plus!! Vanagons (especially 86-91) have a ride like nothing you will find anywhere else. Motor back there covered up with cushions - quiet and vibration free- a suspension that rides like a Mercedes - a big Picture Window of a windshield!
Toured the US in 1990 with ours.. Moved all kinds of stuff with it... Raised 2 kids owning it....Commuted to work in it...
A real fun machine! I've got to restore it!
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Although I may have moved off topic-

Automotive Regrets.. sure..maybe I miss my 1966 VW Panel Van a little..heat or no heat. Brakes or no brakes.

When I bought it in 1979 The previous owner had already installed a 1600 dual port motor with 12v electrics.

On my first test drive; the day I bought it- I like to remember the moment when I turned up a hill with my foot in the gas, the road was still a little sandy from winter- lets just say it was "Love at first slide!"

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'85 GSL-SE      Silver over black.    18K miles for $6K.     The guy that worked 3 offices down used to race rotaries, had a 5-car garage/workshop and actually volunteered to help me with it.    Then-fiancee didn't want a RWD car, so we put the money towards her 626.      So I showed the car to another office-mate (new driver's licence, new green card).     He wrapped the car around a power pole 4 months later.


'88  MR2.    Supercharged, red over black.      Classic 'sold by a guy with a bad back' story except he really *did* have a bad back.     To the point that his house had handicapped access to the deck and to the basement.     A friend was actually buying the house - and therein lies a tale - but after I helped him with that I wound up with my first rotator cuff/rib injury and didn't feel like driving a 2-seater. 

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In 1968 I had the chance to buy a 1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible in Tiger Gold with a black top.  It also had AC when it was too hot to put the top down.    The GTO had the 389 with three duce's and the Hearst 4 speed.  The guy who owned it let me drive it a few times without him in the car with me.  I got stopped by the cops once but no ticket.  I guess I figured I would not be that lucky if I had the car full time so I passed.

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Originally Posted by Uncle-A View Post

In 1968 I had the chance to buy a 1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible in Tiger Gold with a black top.  It also had AC when it was too hot to put the top down.    The GTO had the 389 with three duce's and the Hearst 4 speed. ... I passed.




I got super-pissed at my dad when he wouldn't buy a new '65 Corvette Stingray.  

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What's not love about a 1967 Jaguar 4.2, triple SU carb, E-Type Roadster in Carmen Red with a rare Factory Hard Top and Jaguars of New York dealer installed optional Becker Europa AM FM Stereo with Becker E-type Deep Cone "reverse magnet" speakers! Plus a high performance exhaust featuring Ansa "straight thru" center section mufflers & polished stainless steel original factory style rear resonators!

The one that got away! 1967 E-Type with 17,400 original Miles in 1983!

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Missed out on this beauty:




Back in 1973, one of my dad's friends had a '66 Maserati Sebring like this one that mostly lived in the garage and had something like 19,000 miles on the clock (was never driven in the winter or on rainy days in any season). My dad ran into the owner one day who informed him that he was getting divorced and needed to sell the car and my dad relayed the story to me to see if I was interested. The asking price was something like $6,000 - roughly half of what the car cost when new. While that may have been a great offer, it was a lot of money back then - for me at least - and I couldn't swing it. I guess it was a good deal: The owner later told my dad that he put an ad in the paper and the first guy that called bought the car sight unseen and was at his door with cash in hand two hours later.

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In 1968 I had a Porsche 911 (my third P-car after a 356 coupe and a 912) that developed a burned piston (story later) that, after the expensive repair I ALMOST traded for a Mercedes Gullwing. The guy with the Gullwing wanted to give me that car and a Beetle to drive around in exchange for the 911. I really should have done the trade, but I took the Gullwing on a 60-mile inspection drive to my favorite mechanic at the time who knew M-B cars well and he said it was a poor example of the Gullwing because it was missing things like the belly pan. The car had terrible tires and a leaking exhaust and the 120-mile round trip turned me off. All of that could have been addressed for little money in the future and left me with a really valuable car while having the Beetle to get around in. The Porsche developed a second burned piston later and I traded it in at the dealership for a 230 SL. Turns out the Porsche had a bad intake manifold casting that was porous and sucked in too much air, leading to the piston burning, but I didn't find that out until after I'd separated from it. The mechanic friend told me the Porsche regional repair guy put the manifold on a bench, filled it with fuel and heated it up with a torch to find the leaking. He thought the regional guy was going to blow up the garage.
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M-B 190SL for $900! Don't recall the year or the mileage. Might have been a little rough.


This was in the early 70's, I was working my way through school, and I probably couldn't have afforded to keep it running properly, but still...


I also missed out on a cherry 1967 Olds Cutlass convertible with a high compression 330 and 4-speed.

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Saw two of three in the 4th of July Parade, Including this awesome woody.


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TESLA P85D - can't afford it any more, but that vehicle did seem like one toy worth acquiring.

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