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Lambskin wax

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I see this bulk wax on sale on Ebay all the time -   Lambskin Wax.. 900G.    (Mods feel free to remove link if needed)



Has anyone tried this, what do you think? Is it just paraffin with added scent?


I need a few kilos of bulk wax, this is cheaper than Toko or others.


Thanks everyone.

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Never seen it, never used it.    Let us know how it goes.

That's about half the bulk price of Hertel Hot Sauce - and about twice the price of Gulf wax.    You can get bulk Toko universal (non-moly) for almost as little. 

So...dunno where your cost/performance benefit curve lies.       

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Curious - did you try out the wax. Need to stock up for the season and wondered if it's any good.  Thanks, JB

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