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just got the second pair of Fischer racecode skis and the stupid website is down - I actually get a 404 when I go to to enter my code... as instructed on the label that came with the skis.


this is way too stupid to believe my eyes... 


is there any way to actually get the details they promised, with my code?




p.s. this time got a 188/25m masters GS ski woo-hoo - big boy's skis :D don't know if I can turn them though :rolleyes 


On the label It says:

RC4 WC GS Master Med WCP Low - means Medium flex WorldCup plate, low (darn, good price though).


On the ski:

188 R>25m


on the racecode label it says:

Type 602 M


The graphics are 2014 - like this

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