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Greatest salesman

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A young man just moved from Texas to California and applied for a sales job with a large mass-market retailer. He didn't have much experience with retail sales but the boss liked him so hired him anyway.
"You start tomorrow and i'll be down in the evening after work to see how you did", he says.

The following evening the boss went down and asked the young man how he did his first day.
"Oh, well I only had one sale today" the young man replied.
"Only one! How much was the sale for?" asked the boss.
"$110,312.78" answered the young man.
"$110,312.78?! What did you sell for that amount?" the boss asked, incredulously.
"Well, first I sold this guy a fish hook... then when he said he didn't have a fishing rod, I sold him a rod. Then he needed a boat and trailer out of the marine department to bring him out fishing because he didn't have one. But then he didn't think his car could pull the boat, so I had to sell him that 4-wheel drive Blazer down in the automotive section."

"You sold all this to someone who only came in for a fish hook?!" his boss asked, completely aghast.
"No, he didn't actually come in for a fish hook" said the young man, "he only came in for a box of tampons for his wife. When I heard that though, I told him his day was probably completely shot and he should just go fishing".
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