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Super Mountains

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Does anyone know of a good deal out there on Super Mountain 194's? I love this ski and don't want to have only one pair since Salomon quit making them.
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I can't remember which ski shop it was, but there was a pair of new 194s 1/2 price at the summer sidewalk sale in Bozeman a couple weeks ago. They have probably put them back in storage but you might want to try the two ski shops to see if they still have them. They were either at the Roundhouse - (406) 587-1258 or Chalet Sports - (406) 587 -4595.
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How 'bout anybody north of the border? My stepfather paid C$N 199 for new ones last week. The guys in Utah quoted me U$420 for demos!!!???!?!?!?!!?<FONT size="1">

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Maybe get the stepfather to buy a pair for you. Well unless he was up as a tourist. Most stores up here eh have ski stuff in storage eh. Where'd he buy them?

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My stepfather lives in Wisconsin. He bought them out of Montreal over the phone. I found the place for him on Epicski but..........they don't have any more.
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I noticed a few pairs of them at Mountain Sports Outlet in Silverthorne, CO about a month ago... call them at 970-262-2836

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