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Lower instep, slightly wider than original Dobie WC 150

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Have had these for 14ish years. With a grind/punch for the 6th toes, bones on outside of both feet, softening, and a slight grind in ankle, these have been pretty darn good. This is pre-EDT all black version. I can dance on the tables in St. Anton after a full day of skiing in comfort. For some reason, newest pair just isn't working for my shin. I have always felt like the instep is a bit too high for me and causing the tongue to not engage across the whole shin. The lace up liner in my new version seems to make it worse.


So question is: what boot is narrow ala a Dobie WC, but with a lower instep and similar tight heal pocket. I have proper chicken legs. No ankle, and calf starts high so whole leg shaft is super small. Could go with an extra mm or two in the forefoot.


I know the Dobie Pro 98mm version's heal pocket was too loose for comparison. Haven't tried anything else in a long time...


120-130 flex is probably where I end up, but given we cut the Dobies that is rather unscientific. 


Thanks all.

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I have skied the same boot and had the same problem (same kind of legs).  I added a shim under the liner to move the foot vertically inside the shell to engage the instep.  Use something thin, like the cardboard from a cereal box (make several) and stack them till you feel just right. Punch the side for width.  As far as other models, I would need your feet here to make an assessment.



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Thanks for the reply. I have tried variations on that theme, but it seems like it pushes my angle bones up our or on the ramp out of the ankle pocket which creates bigger problems. I may need to try something more subtle with only a mm or 2 added as I agree that would likely help solve the problem. 


Thoughts or techniques on getting the 2nd from top buckle to wrap better? I feel like it binds, and therefore is part of the problem in wrapping my lower chicken leg ankle, rather than smoothly wrapping around that area. i'm in the middle of the adjustment range.


I just pulled out my original liner and found I had attached some foam to the liner on both sides of the liner, right both above and below the intersection of the L shape of the liner/foot. Hopefully it makes sense. I found putting it there lasted longer than on the tongue which inevitably got mucked up when taking the boot on/off and pushing the tongue into the right spot, but it seems to serve the same purpose taking up a bit of volume where the tongue is at the lowest part of the front of my ankle. 

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I have used silicone spray lubricant to aid in wrapping the two shell pieces better (lets them slip around each other)----- plus I have a 3 inch hardened rod extension (piece of an old screw driver blade, cut off and rounded on the ends) which I carry in a sleeve pocket, using one of the holes in the ankle buckle closure lever, the added leverage allows me to get the shell tightened sufficiently.  The rod--lever trick is one I have often used with lady customers who lack the hand strength to close the ankle buckle well on their boots.



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If you are looking for 98mm last with low instep and good heel pocket you might try the Raptor series from Head or also the new Tecnicas.  There is also a new last coming from Nordica that I've just tried and it may solve your problemsl



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Thanks Lou. Appreciate the input.


I think what I'm really looking for a 95mm last, 130 flex, with a tight heal pocket. Every 98mm last I have tried is still too large volume wise. I'm kinda over the really stiff plastic in the Dobie WC 150 boots, even when softened. Just getting into that lower is soo much more work than a more consumer race 130 flex boot.


Yep, I need to try the Head boots. When you say Raptor, you talking about the RS or the B3 RD?


Are the new Tecnicas a different last from the Infernos of '13? Is the 9.8 really got that tight of a hear pocket? The Inferno 98mm is actually not that far off.  Its the tightest of the 98mm lasts that I have tried on thus far, but still feels a bit high over the instep and not super tight in the heal. 

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The Tecnicas are a different last but you are kind of screwed.  If you are looking for a 95mm boot with maybe an exception or two I'm not aware of, you are going to be in a 130 at least and it will be a WF 130 so stiff.


But if they fit well you can eliminate the getting in issues easily.  Buy a Hot Gear bag, put the liner on your foot first and slide in.  We sell a ton for exactly the reason you are describing.  In seven years I've never had one returned.  There is a video on www.lous.ca that shows the bag in action.


You could also look at some 130s and install a Zipfit liner, which will definitely snug up the heel.  You'll have to decide whether it is tight enough.



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Here is my update for the masses. I think what I need is the Dobermann WC 130 in a 25. The difference between the 130 and 150 was remarkably striking in that the 130's upper was quite a but thinner and therefore wrapped my lower leg a lot better. The Dobie Pro last is still to big as is the Raptor WC 130 which is too big in the heal/ankle.


The only one I have yet to try is the Head.


Anyone have a 25 or 25.5 (uk6 in dobie speak) WC 130 with the non metal zeppa???? On the hunt for the one before the current version as it seems like it might fit a bit tighter? Anyone know the difference between the 2012 w/ the Carbon EBT and the current WC 130? Is the last the same? They have been saying in marketing speak that they went back to the original Dobie last, but my question is how does that compare to the last they were using a few years ago, ala 2011 through 2013?


Cheers! Prayin for Pow this year! 

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When talking Raptors in the last you are interested in I'm talking B3.



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