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Proud to be...

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OK, you know how the joke starts.

Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman...
are sitting around discussing their children.

Englishman: "I am proud of my English son. I am proud to be English. We named our son George, because he is English and he was born on St George's Day. I will be a proud father when my son wins his first cap for England."

Scotsman: "Our wee laddy, Andrew, was born on St Andrew's day. It will be a proud day for us when he lifts the claret jug after winning the British Open."

Irishman: "It'll be a proud day for me when my My son, Pancake, starts school in September"

Edit: Added a couple of commas in the hope of clearing up the Shrove Tuesday joke

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think, ryan. THINK.

grrrrrrrrrrrr why am i not getting this joke?

my son pancake...
my SON pancake...
MY son pancake?

I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!
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your not alone
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Not that hard but to figure out but a little weak.
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And Fooks gone for two weeks!
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Um. Even for a Kerryman that's weak!
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I STILL don't get it.
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Oh come on guys, it's really not that hard ....... St George's Day. St Andrew's Day, etc. ....... AKA Shrove Tuesday

And by the way Frances - how much hotter do you want it to be in the UK right now?? I'm nursing sunburnt shoulders today, along with half of my office, so I reckon it's pretty hot right now. Are you based in the Outer Hebrides or something???!
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