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Hi all, new member here and I am thrilled to find this wonderful site with all of the great documentation concerning quad tendon injuries.


I too am a victim of a total QTR, complicated by a broken fibula that occurred when I slipped and fell on a patch of black ice.  I went in for surgery March 2 and spent the next 6 weeks hobbling around in a 4 pound CAM boot and a knee brace locked at 0 degrees.  


I am now at week 15 and the ankle has healed up nicely and I have 120* ROM and 125* if I push it a bit. I am hoping for a complete recovery to pre-injury. I still have swelling in the knee than migrates down to the ankle and a lot of tightness in the knee joint.  How long does this swelling last and does the tightness ever go away?  My OS said that it may not ever go away, but I am not sure she is correct since others here have seemed to make a full recovery with no appreciable side effects. 


Well off to therapy again - I have 4 more sessions left and then I am on my own.  Been great reading here about lots of things others do on their own.