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John Clendenin Ski Camps

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Any one have any 1st hand experience with these camps. I know they attract a baby boomer crowd…(isn't that better than saying older)? If you do have 1st hand knowledge--one question I have is are they primarily mogul camps or all mountain? Thanks for the insights. David

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@Finndog knows a bunch of people who've gone. I believe the camps have changed in the last several years but don't know much.
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I've never attended, but I see John on Aspen Mountain all the time.


They are more all mountain. But on Aspen, that would involve a health dose of moguls.

But due to the low skier density, they don't really get that big.

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Johhny C is a blast! You will have fun and learn a bunch.  Although many think John is teaching PMTS, this is not the case. I have skied with him and my friend was an associate instructor with him. I would say go ahead and try out a camp.  Let em know if you are going to the Steamboat one.  Thumbs Up 



Edit- I just say shred's post- yep. its really all-mountain, drift, recenter by retracting the inside foot and initiating off the uphill ski while tipping both LT and BT edges(if I have that right ) which does work well for many.  It does create a very fluid and smooth technique

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Thanks all. David

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