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I was talking to my chiropractor today about cycling. I was telling him that I usually ride on dirt roads, but hate it when I decide to try something different and wind up walking my bike up a hill. He told me that he rides an eBike and uses the electric assist for the hills.


I know absolutely nothing about eBikes. I just thought it was a low cost moped type of thing. I've been googling them, but would like to know if anyone is aware of a reputable web site or store in Colorado.

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Sorry, I'm not up on eBikes either.   You could go to one of the bigger shops up there like Peloton or Lee's.  Go to both and I think you would have most of the big names covered and of them have jumped into the eBike arena.  There is a place in Longmont I've heard about but know nothing about them.  I think they specialize in eBikes.  Something Planet?


You know the Breck Bike demo days is coming up later this month.  I would expect most of the bikes there will be hybrids or mtb's but maybe someone will have battery assist models.


I know riding hills is not everyone's cup of tea and eBikes can help make riding a lot more enjoyable.  That's good thing.  My thought though is just get out and ride more.  I know hills can be and are not always fun.  Getting your drivetrain setup for your current level of riding fitness can certainly go a long way in making the hills more enjoyable also.


If you hate the hills and think an eBike might let you enjoy riding more then that is the way you should go.

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Thanks, it's just one of those things I had never really knew much about. Being the geekette that I am, it intrigued me.


I'm not a hard core cyclist like most people are around here and thought I'd check it out. Although, looking around, the prices are outrageous. I really don't need another expensive hobby.

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