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Skool Daze

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This college professor has a really foul mouth. The guys love it, but after a few weeks some of the female students start to get offended and they decide to stage a walkout the next day.

The following morning before class, the professor is tipped off about the protest. So he waits until all the students are settled in their seats and then says, "So, the USS Indianapolis is coming into port after months at sea. Bet those boys will **** anything that moves."

At that moment a bunch of coeds get up and head for the door.

"Ladies," the professor continues, "they're not docking until tomorrow."
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HA did you hear the story about the US Navy ship that docked in Australia on the way back from the war on terrorism? The Aussie tabloids picked up on the story that the crew patronized a local house of ill repute to the point that they had to close it for a day to give all the ladies a rest. The Bremerton Sun, the newspaper in the ship's port of call, picked up the story and RAN IT! They were inundated with calls of protest from the wives and girlfriends of the crewmen. Man what a homcoming that must have been for everyone! True story. Really.
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You don't have to convince me! My ex was a career Navy Cop.

They let women on ships now. The mind reels.... :
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