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Where's that Green Door (M1E13) gone to? Has he gone north to buy some glasses?


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False move Rule 11(a) specifically states

" ....... a player may not under any circumstances move to the same location twice in one move ........"

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I blame the connections.
Ever since the demise of British Rail, all the connections around London have been subject to problems.

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Oboe Objection - PIAZZA UDINE to Réformés/Canebière is way off course. But

OranienBurger Straße

gets us right back on track

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If that's how you want to play it.



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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:


Fox, not so sure about the legality of this move. Maybe I should quote rule 67 B iii, consisting of the 1978 over rule of the '62 rule about ability to get somewhere. "You can't get there from here."

I'd like to go to the Oxford Circus
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OK, be like that! There's only two threads alive today - in one, I'm being dumped by Sugar, and in this one, I'm being corrected for lapses in "The Rules".

Shepherd's Bush

Let's go to the Empire.

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Can't see Humph letting that one through - very similar to a move made by the late (and much lamented) Willie Rushton in 1979 and instantly declared nul and void. An attempt to plead under the Subsequent Foreclosure sub-clause was ruled non-sequential.

To remain valid, the only possible move is therefore

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The Stilgoe get out. The first time that move was played, Richard followed it with Barking, which was possibly his weakest move that he ever made. His normal play should have led to Richmond or possibly Kew Gardens, depending on which variation was being played. The requirement to go from Northern to District is obvious and demanded by the rules.
Given the route this game is taking, I believe


is the best choice.

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What are you, new? Fox, that was a beginner's mistake, I thought you were a man with experience. My mistake. Remember the great debate of '85 over rule 328, section D? It clearly states no sacrifice movements!

What you should have done was take it to East India

(I'm kidding with you Fox, your moves to date have been interesting!)

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Ah, young knight, you show youthful arrogance. I like that.
But I must call a ruling.

I do not believe that DLR stations count.

Would any others like to share their opinions?

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Don't make me pick up my toys and go home! Show me in the rules where it says I cannot use that line!
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Hey you guys, I am an early morning/late night poster person and boy have you been busy whilst I was away.

Great to see some people entering into things with a good grasp of the rules, although some are rather esoteric and that may be unfair in the early stages to our friends who get snow in the winter as opposed to brown slush. :

As Foxy clearly stated at the beginning, and as no-one objected, this game is based on the Brook-Taylor variation from 83. Therefore all rules beyond 327 (all paragraphs except revised xii) are only acceptable with a majority concensus.

I hereby declare my support for Foxy's move to Upney and will lobby for him at


until such time as they open the bar.

DLR being built later and being overground would seem not to count but as my tickets are valid this week I vote with everyone else.
See you at Ilford if you're not careful!

[ July 01, 2002, 04:06 PM: Message edited by: Green Door ]
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I had a problem with brown slush yesterday, but I put it down to barbequed chicken that wasn't properly cooked. :

It's late at night, and the tubes are about to close.

This city desert makes you feel so cold, its got
So many people but its got no soul
And its taken you so long to find out you were wrong
When you thought it held everything.

Yep, that's right, I'm going to Circle round to...

Baker Street

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And you without a blue token, Fox! Using rule 298(a), moving to

Matcham Scratchings

Lower your sights
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I'm going to invoke rule 108x and go to
Packard's Corner

Hey, they should do this on a ski trail map!
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Originally posted by Bonni:
And you without a blue token, Fox! Using rule 298(a), moving to

Matcham Scratchings

Lower your sights
Sorry Bonni, last time I looked Oxfordshire still didn't have a subway. Maybe you're reading too much into this.
Hence I call for a ruling.

So no Boston Tea party for Lisamarie despite Rule
37c Globetrottingexceptions.
Nice try

Many a fool that's tried to transfer from Baker Street find it's all in the game.

The only way is via

Leicester Square

Anyone for coffee?
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You've hooked me, Fox, thus, as per rule 147 comma D, I'll bring it back in my own turf.

Via Montenapoleone
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If you're bringing up Napoleon, it would be foolish of me not to go to

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Gospel Oak
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An opening,

Tooting Bec

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I believe that rule 439(a) applies here.

El Segundo Boulevard/Nash Street
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Willie Rushton would be ashamed of you Yogi; such blatent plagiarism just to go somewhere sunny and warm.

I hear it is raining in

Stamford Brook

so that should bring you down to earth with a brolly good bump.
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I've been following this game so far with interest. I believe the original tactic in the famous Bogdanov game of '75 was to go straight to Aldwych but unfortunately that's no longer available so I'll have to use the Jubilee line to improvise.

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Frances, that was a good one. You sound like an old pro.

Nettie, you must be listening to a dodgy bootleg - is it called "July, or anything before" by any chance.

Although, similar inclement weather can be found in the latter half of the year here:


15 miles East of where you should be. (No one's around)

[ July 02, 2002, 05:32 AM: Message edited by: Yogi ]
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So, what's behind the Green Door?
Golders Green
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I am confused!

You guys play this game without including the '01 revision, where Rules 98 & 112 were specifically altered to include Canadian-Rules. With this revision, Canadian moves are as effective as any in-country moves that you make. Please remember that Canadian-Rules moves MUST be followed by moves on the same line in order to avoid an immediate Canadian Strong Arm (Rule 112, section 2, paragraph b).

So here is my Canadian-Rules move:

Queen - King

For novices: a Union is next.
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Yogi, Green Door stated that no rules after 327 apply, yet you quoted rule 439. You must be aware of the '97 method of the book. "All rules set forth to exclude other rulings are null and void."

Oh yes, gotta watch out for that Canadian Strong Arm, they bring the hurt. I scoff at this rule.

I'm fealing fiesty, lets go to the Arsenal

[ July 02, 2002, 08:37 AM: Message edited by: AltaSkier ]
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Easy one from there...

King's Cross
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Originally posted by Yogi:
Easy one from there...

King's Cross
Oh Dear Yogi, a REPEAT!

I claim

Picadilly Circus

as my reward.

I can pass GO; I can collect £200.
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