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Trousers (pants)

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Heard this one today on the radio. It's a topic for discussion over a few pints.
Take a movie title and add the word "Trousers" (OK, "pants" for the Americans)

You end up with movies like:
Indiana Jones and the Trousers of Doom
Force Ten from Trousers
The Silence of the Trousers
Men in Trousers
The Trousers are Not Enough
OK, so most of the Bonds work well)

Post your favorite Trouser movie here
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David Letterman must think pants are funny, too. His production company is called Worldwide Pants (perhaps the UK division is Worldwide Trousers, ltd. [img]smile.gif[/img] )

I personally like the Coen brothers' masterpiece "Raising Trousers"
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Reservoir Trousers

or the classic Kubrick:
Dr Strangepants
(or how I learned to stop worrying and love my trousers)

the French classic:
Jean de pantalon

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Dirty Trousers Dancing (Plenty of ballroom)

Monthy Python and the Holey Pants Sale

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OK, some more...

Trousers Wide Shut

All the Presidents Trousers

2010: The Year We Made Pants

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The World According to Trousers
Ferris Bueller's Trousers Off
Trousers of Endearment
Grumpy Old Trousers
Same Trousers, Next Year
Bob & Carol & Ted & Trousers
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Trousers

What fun!
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