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I skied round 70 days this past winter. Slightly under 100 morning/afternoon sessions. I did not have much time for any other activity outside some tennis and I felt very exhausted at the end of the season that ended quite early on the 16 of March. Since then I have mainly been resting and trying to rehab my upper back, neck and shoulders from the GS crash in January but I have also been bicycling actively. 


Now, 2.5 months later I took a fitness test called an Ergometer Test on a bicycle. I was sure I was going to make a bad result but it turned out I did pretty well. To my surprice I beat my ski buddy hands down and my hearth rate was always 20 beats lower than his. The test was progressive. With 2 minute intervalls the load became intenser and we were supposed to pedal untill the bitter end. The trainer said 15 minutes would have been the target but my buddy dropped out at 10 minutes. I on the other hand kept going and really could have managed even longer but stopped at 18 minutes.


I was pretty exhausted right after but recovered quickly and I had no sore muscles later on that evening or the following day. I even played 2h tennis the next evening without any problems. Dissclaimer, Im on a mild painkiller medication for 3 weeks due to my upperbody rehab so maybe it has some effect on how my muscles recovered. I dont know.


Here's the stats:


Bmi 27,1

Weight 98kg

Height 190cm


Basic fitness

42 ml/kg/min

Very good

Max oxygenintake 4,1 L/Min

12.0 MET

3,09 W/kg

If I was normal weight (90kg) my fitness index would still be very good and my index would be 45


Max hearth rate 178


18:10 min

P2min 134 75%


Im new to these numbers and have never been tested before. Can anybody fill me in on the details. Im 52y. The test was not made with an oxygen mask.