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I just scored some used Salomon 3V equipe 10 slalom skis with defelx plates, used cheap, for messin around in the gates for hahas.
Tell me about the deflex plate? Good/Bad?

On a slalom ski? seems to make a huge flat spot under binding?

Anything else I should look out for?

will need bindings? any suggestions?

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My only experience with a deflex was on some Salomon Prolink 1S GS skis. I wan't racing, so after a few days considered the deflex too stiff and heavy for anything other than flat hardpack (on which they were great) so ditched the deflex and they became one of my all-time favourite skis just with standard binding risers.

I wouldn't have thought them good at all on a slalom ski unless they make a slalom specific plate.
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I skied on those last year and, being as soft as they are, I couldn't see a plate like that being any good on them. I'd switch if I were you to something more flexible.
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I skied and raced on Deflex plates for two years.. After that I wisened up and took them off. They were mounted on my GS ski and then when I removed them I used them for an experiment. I mounted them on a pair of Elan SCX skis that I got for $70 to see if I could take a recreational extreme carver and turn it into a new school slalom race ski. After adding a couple layers of fiberglass, some head tps arms, and the deflex they actually worked well for about half a season.. I raced them too. They lost their "spring" pretty quickly though. I'm way off topic..

Anyway, the Deflex plate in my opinion are great for speed events, where the weight, dampening, and flex effect are not as big a factor. I recommend taking them off your new slalom skis and putting a simple riser plate or something that allows the ski to flex more freely. The skis will perform better, not to mention you'll be amazed at the weight savings.

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