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Nordica Fire Arrow 84 EDT or Head Supershape Rally

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Hey, I am looking for some ski advice for my dad. He is 64 years old, 5'7 and ~165lbs. He has over 40 years skiing ~10 day seasons, and can comfortably ski anything designated as an actual run at just about any mountain, but at a controlled, moderate speed. He has many skis, but I am trying to help him find a quiver addition or two.

Specifically, I am looking at the nordica FA 84 EDT in 168cm and Head supershape rally in 177cm. I know, I know, I know... They are not directly comparable skis, but as I said, my dad has a quiver of skis already, so it is less about filling a specific role as finding a new frontside biased ski with some light crud/bump/steep ability that has the right FEEL.

Would anyone with experience on these specific skis be able to shed some light in regards to how manageable and maneuverable these two skis are in these specific lengths? For reference, he has liked 174cm Blizzard Magnum 8.7 Ti's and 177cm Mantras (96mm, pre rocker), and felt indifferent about 168cm Kastle MX88's, and could manage all those skis just fine on and off piste. For various reasons, all those skis are gone (gifted to a family member... Broken when hit by a snowboarder... Being sold...). As i said, he's got skis for different conditions, so I'm less concerned about different strengths and weaknesses in different types of snow as I am in overall manageability and that elusive FEEL good sensation.

Where would you rank the FA 84 EDT in 168cm, the freakishly grippy, bruiser of a front-side biased mid-fat at 84mm, and the rally in 177cm, the surprisingly versatile, softened technical carver at 77mm, in terms of maneuverability on groomers and small/medium moguls, as well as pure ice grip? Compared to the reference 168cm MX88, 174cm magnum 8.7 ti, and 177cm unrockered mantras? Thanks for your help!
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These are two different skis for sure. The FA 84 EDT is a very powerful ski that does require attention and manageability and maneuverability are not at or near the top of it's attributes. For someone his age, height and weight, it is not a ski I would put on a suggestion list. While I like the FA84 EDT it skis better in longer lengths due to the EDT design, I just think the 168 and more so the 160 are too short for the plate/EDT combo and the regular FA 84 is better. If he must have a Nordica, take a look at the upcoming FireArrow 80, that meets more of the requirements you are looking for for him. The Rally is a great option but for his size and fitting it in with the other skis in his quiver, I think the 170 would be a better choice. The Head does have a nice warm feel on snow. 

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What Phil sed... 170 Rally or FA 80.
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would you say the 170cm rally has noticeably better edge hold on really hard, scraped off entrances to steeps and ice than the 174cm Blizzard 8.7 magnum ti? I know it is 76mm waist versus 87mm waist, but I have tried the magnums and been impressed with the bite for the width, and I have read that the rally kinda craps out on true ice. So... is the rally outright BETTER in regards to edge hold, and is it an order of magnitude better?

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Also, how would the rally compare to a ski like the fischer progressor 10+/900 or dynastar course ti/pro? on firm/icey groomers? in bumps/light crud/roughed up groomers? at what speeds do they come alive/require to be skied?

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I own the Nordica FA 84 edt in 168. Phil is right on with his comments - for that ski, it's too short. The thing's a rocket ship and needs more length to bend in the turn.

Skied the Rally in a 170 too. Never skied the Magnum 8.7. The rally would no way be an order of magnitude better for ice grip. It may even be worse. ( i would bet on that if forced to) It's an interesting ski though. More on the finesse side but it can handle some speed and power and has nice snow feel. It is not a power ski though by any means unless one is very light. Speed to come alive? 2mph? Well prob more but not much.

Rally versus cambered Mantra? Geez, totally different. Mantra wins on edge grip and ultimate power. Rally wins on moguls.

But all is not ice grip, - if that's the criteria get him an overly stiff Volkl. Apeaking of Volkl they've got some new stuff coming next year that may fit the bill.

He'd like the Kastle MX 83 in 173. Nice combo of edge hold, power, and flex. Decent in moguls, very nice snow feel.

Otherwise, does he have a slalom ski?
Have a look at this thread:
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The Head factory tune isn't particularly good. Give a supershape a good 1/3, and edge hold is much better than out of the wrapper. 

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