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Cruise Control - is this true, or an urban legend?

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I was told this the other day, if it's not true, it's pretty funny. If it is true, um, I just don't know what to say...
It seems a gentleman bought an RV with cruise control.
He was driving along a highway, and decided to get himself a drink from the back, so he put on the cruise control, went to the back of the RV, sat down and poured a drink.
Inevitably, the RV crashed into another vehicle.
He then proceded to sue the manufacturers of the RV, because he claims that he believed that cruise control meant that it took over complete control of steering, braking etc, and kept the vehicle going wherever you wanted it to go to.

That he was that stupid amazes me.

That he was that stupid, and didn't read the instruction manual, makes me laugh.

He won the case. (I guess it must have been trial by a jury of his peers!)

Is this true or just an urban legend?

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Do you have a sunshade for your auto windsheild? Look at the left hand lower corner. Caution: Do not drive with sunshade in place. No how smart is that?
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This may also fall under the heading of "Urban Ledgend" but it was told to me by my father, so it has to be gospel, right?

Dad worked for GE in the days before they divested small appliances from their manufacturing repetoire. Pre-neutron Jack.

Story is that,way back, probably early 60's or so someone used an electric blanket amde by GE to dry the fresh paint on his bedroom wall. Apparently tacked the blanket to the wall. Started a fire and caused a l;ot of damage to his home.

Sued GE and won a sizable sum for the time due to inadequate labeling by GE.

If true, what woulkd have been appropriate labeling?

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My favourite, supposedly on bags of peanuts on American Airlines -
"Open bag. Eat peanuts."
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I was pleased to see that American Airlines weren't serving peanuts on my flights with them (I'm allergic, the fumes start the throat closing up thing).

In australia, a domestic brand of paint used to have "when all else fails, read the instructions!" on the lid.
They later added " and if that doesn't work, ring 1800-etc".
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1962: The priest at the Catholic hospital in Madison had a new Olds 88. I went there on a service call because it wouldn't start.(it didn't). The priest opened the hood, blessed the car and it started(I witnessed it).

The "blessing" was administered to the air cleaner. When the hot choke cooled down a small burr on the linkage kept it from closing. The "blessing" jarred the air cleaner enough to loosen it so the car could start.
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Slatz - I know many people who administer a swift "blessing" to a tire when their car won't start. It usually doesn't work, but that's probably because they aren't priests.

Tom / PM
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