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That's exactly what I needed to hear.  Thanks.

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Next weekend, I am going to demo a bunch of skis on the Hintertux Glacier, Austria.


I have made a reservation for the following models:


Atomic Redster Doubledeck 3.0 XT, 175 (2015 or 2016)
Nordica Dobermann SLR, 170
Blizzard SRC Racing S, 165
Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC, 170 (2015 or 2016)
Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti, 167
Völkl Racetiger SL UVO, 165
All non-FIS models, but FIS skis are hard to come by, unless you buy them.
Still, should be fun.
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Sounds like fun.  Keep us posted on your findings.:)

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Will do

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Any chance of some pic's. 

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I'll do my best. I'll have a snowboard buddy with me. Since he will be sitting on his ass on the snow all day, he might as well take some pictures.

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Gotta make them snowboard buddies useful for something huh?  Good thinkin. 

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Originally Posted by Cheizz View Post

I'll do my best. I'll have a snowboard buddy with me. Since he will be sitting on his ass on the snow all day, he might as well take some VIDEO.

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I'll try that too. But since those board types can be pretty vague, I do worry abut the focus... My phone has autofocus in picture mode, but not in video mode...

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Cheizz, I ski  hard snow 90% of the time here in the NE and have skied on all the Fischer's mentioned above. All excellent in their own right. My go to was an Elan SLX in a 170 and it never let me down. I randomly tried a Dynastar chrome 74 during a late season demo day and was blown away by the performance level in this ski. Short/medium turns are it's forte in a 178cm and I ended up buying it and getting 8 days on it in varied conditions before the season ended. It absolutely put a smile on my face everytime I went out on the hill with these strapped to my feet. I got away from Dynastar''s last season and happily committed to Fischer and Elan for the season, and I am very happy I gave the Chrome a look. It's a ski that would make any advanced-intermediate all the way up to full expert happy IMO. It is not as one dimensional as advertised as I have had it in bumps, ice, soft snow and even 4"fresh and loved it pretty much everywhere I took it. I would not take them into the trees because they are pretty carve oriented, but the trees is not what I bought them for anyways. I put a 1D base and 3D side bevel on them and they rip, Give them a look. Extremely under rated ski IMO.

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Update and question...



First day of demoing here on the Hintertux glacier, I've skied three skis this morning: Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC, Rossignol Hero Elite ST and Blizzard SRC Racing S. Ik will be skiing Nordica Dobermann SLR, 2016 Stöckli Laser SL and 2016 Atomic D2 3.0 XT tomorrow (not a real contender, just curious).


I really liked the Fischer, and I've started to look around for nice deals. And I found an interesting one: 429 euro for the RC4 WC SC, RC4 SL men stiff or RC4 SL men medium. These last two are the FIS-models, correct?


The first comes with the Race Track binding, the others include the Fischer Z13 freeflex for 130 euro more. Still great deals, I think.


@ScotsSkier made a convincing case to go for the FIS models of any line. But here I have a choice: medium or stiff? Which compares best to the WC SC that I really like?

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No more analysis paralysis. Buy the ski you connected with at the demo. Don't worry if it's FIS, non-FIS, etc, and don't worry about we think. You now know.
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Made my choice. After demoing the Fischer, Rossi, Salomon X-Kart Max, Stöckli Laser Sl, Nordica, Dobermann SLR, Blizzard SRC Racing S and Atomic Redster D2 SL...


I've just ordered the Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC.


More detailed reviews will follow shortly. Here's the score card that I've made. Ranked all 7 skis on 7 categories. First place gets the ski 7 points, 2nd place 6 points and so on. Here's the overview...


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I think you will be happy with the SC.


Thanks for the information.  Do you have any info on what tunes the test skis had?

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Curious why the Hero Elite got your lowest mark for turn consistency and second lowest for grip and forgiveness. It's gotten very strong reviews here and elsewhere. Are we missing something? 

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The Rossi seemed to have a split personality. Turn initiation was great, but the second half of the turn the tail kept kicking me in the butt. And there seemed to be some unnatural stiffness holding back a round, even flex. Must have been the TPX binding. Could have been the conditions and/or my ability, of course. But with some other models I didn't experience this.


Haven't got info on the tuning, sorry.

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The Rossi mount tends to be forward. It takes some getting used to... It'll punish a 'jam' before the release... as it should. :)

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