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Volkl 724 AX3 vs K2 Axis XT

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I'm shopping for skis and could use some input. For background, I'm an advanced skier - not expert yet, though hardly intermediate - about 5-9, 190 (should be below 180, but that's another story). I get in about a dozen days each winter, mainly in Vermont, though we also take a trip out West each year. Thanks to a knee injury from my hockey playing days I try to avoid the bumps, but I enjoy the steeps and trees. Since I mostly ski the Northeast, at least 2/3 of my time is spent on a mixture of groomed or recently groomed hardpack and packed powder.

The 2 skis that interest me most are the Volkl 724 AX3 and the K2 Axis XT. A couple of years ago I demoed the Volkl G3 and Vertigo Motion and loved both (for whatever reason I didn't pony up for either pair then - I'm kicking myself now.) Around the same time I tried the K2 Axis X, which I really liked, just not as much as the Volkls. Last year I demoed the Salomon Crossmax 10 and although it's a great East Coast ski, I didn't like it as much as the Volkl or K2.

This year I've decided I'm definitely going to buy. Truth be told, after hearing that the AX3 is an updated version of the G3 I'd probably be comfortable just picking up a pair without a demo. But then I saw Ski magazine listed them as "player" skis, which has me concerned that they may not be appropriate for me. I'm sure the Axis XT is a fine ski as well, so I'm wondering, does anyone have any opinions one way or the other? And are there any skis I'm missing that I should be considering based on my background and where I ski?

Also, a question on size - the Volkls come in 170 and 177, both of which could work for me. Any thoughts on which size would be most suitable for someone my size and skill level? This isn't an issue with K2, where I'd go with the 174. But with Volkl it looks like I'd have a choice.

Any feedback you guys could be offer would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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Can't speak to the K2, but my Wife and I really like our Volkls.
She's 5'6" / 135# and is on 7/24 AX3 Gamma 160cm. I'm 5'8" / 165# and on last year's Vertigo Motion 170cm. Both are wonderful skis for us - take us anywhere we want to go on the mountain - blue cruisers through nasty bumped up blacks. We're reasonable skiers, but not experts. Demo if you can to help with the length. Good luck, rickp
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If those Vertigos weren't 184 I'd be all over them. But that's a little much for me. The test is this weekend: Volkl AX3 v 5-star. On the advice of the guy at the shop (and just about everyone else I've spoken to) I'm trying the 5-star in a 168. For the AX3 I haven't decided between the 170 and 177. Thoughts anyone? Thanks for the feedback. I'll post a review when it's over.
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Go to the "gear review" forum and look for my review and update on my AX3's. That should convince you not to give to much credit to the Ski Magazine rating. These ski's "rock". There have been lots of post on the AX3 so you should be able to get a good idea of what they are like.

I also demoed the K2 XT last March and thought it to be a ok ski. But it's not a Volkl. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Try the AX3 in a 170. I am a little heavier than you and ski the 177 and love it. Demo both if you can, but I think you will be happier on the 170 [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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