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2003-04 indemnified bindings

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I noticed the 2003-04 indemnified binding list is hard to find on the internet. I have it. If anyone needs it let me know.

Is there a way to attach a word doc here?
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At least two ways:

Highlight and copy the text. Then past it onto a message you post here.

Send it as an attachment to me at this e-mail address: bg@vtlink.net

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no prob. it's on its way...
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Hey Marta- are you going to post that list?
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What are indemnified bindings? Out of production?
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They are bindings that are no longer made (i.e., previous years models) that the manufacturer still considers to incorporate adequately contemporary design and safety. In practise, shops will only work on bindings that remain on the indemnified list, refusing to accept the liability that goes along with working on a binding that the manufacturer no longer considers to be safe.
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No ski shop could afford the insurance it would need to cover possible lawsuits; so the manufacturer indemnifies - provides coverage - for authorized shops that work on the bindings.
But the binding has to be on the list.
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oops, oh yeah. Sorry to make you wait DP

Here it is:

NSSRA Indemnified Binding List

Race 614, Race 412, Race 310, Race 259, SX 614, SX 412, SX 310, CR 614, CR 412, CR 310, CR 311, CR 614 (88mm), CR 412 (88mm), CR 310 (88mm), R 614 (99, 107mm), R 412 (99, 107mm), Centro 4.12, Centro 3.10, Device 310, Device 311, Device 412, Race 275, Race 045, Race 275+, Race 045+ Hard & Soft Touch Pad (Power brake)

Race 614, Race 412, Race 310, Race 259, Carv 614, Carv 412, Carv 310, Carv 311, X 412, X 310, R 614, R 412, R 310, R 614 (88, 99, 107mm), R 412 (88, 99, 107mm), Centro 4.12, Centro 3.10, Device 310, Device 311, Device 412
Hard & Soft Touch Pad (Power brake)

RaceRace 614, RaceRace 412, RaceRace 310, XentriX 614, XentriX 412, XentriX 310, XentriX 311, XentriX 614 EX, Centro 4.12, Centro 3.10, Device 310, Device 311, Device 412
Hard & Soft Touch Pad (Power brake)

RaceRace 614, RaceRace 412, RaceRace 310, Race 614
XentriX 614, XentriX 412, XentriX 310, XentriX 311, XentriX 614 EX, Centro 4.12, Centro 3.10, Device 310, Device 311, Device 412
Hard & Soft Touch Pad (Power brake)

Prior to 2000
Sport 4.12 / Sport 4.12 TR, Sport CXB, Sport 2.9, Sport 2.9 TR, Sport CXB, EM 310, EM 310 P, EM 412, EM 412 P, EM 614, EM 614 P, ESStatix 2.9, ESStatix 4.12, ESS 310 FB, ESS 309, ESS 512, ESS 614, ESS 614 P


FR17 Freeflex, FR11 Freeflex, FX12 ABS (and w/ Railflex), FX10 ABS (and w/ Railflex), FS10, FS10 Carveconcept ABS (and w/ Railflex), FJ7 Carveconcept ABS, FJ7, FJ4

FX13 Pro Plus, FS12 Pro, FS10 Pro, FJ7 Pro, FJ4 Pro, FS10 Rent, FJ4 Rent

Previous years
F11 PowerConcept, F10 CarveConcept S, F10 CarveConcept, F10, F9, F7, F4

Previous Rental
F11 Synchro Center, F9 Synchro Center, F7 Synchro Center, F9 Synchro Rental, F4 Synchro Rental


ZRV18, Z Race (all versions), P14 (all versions), P12 (all versions), P11 (all versions), P10 (all versions), P9.0 (all versions), P8.0 (all versions), P7.5 (all versions), P7.0 (all versions), ZR R, P 9.0L, P 8.0L, P 7.0L (all versions), P Sport (all versions), TT9.0 (all versions), TT 8.0 RL, TT 9 RL, TT C-Tech, TT9, TT09, TT8, TT08, TT7, TT09, XP, Z-Forza

P12 Demo, P10 Demo, TX 11 Quickset, Team 4 (all versions), XR (all versions), JX 7 Rental, P 8.0 (all versions), TX 7.5 (all versions), LJ4.5 Quickset adult/junior, TX 8.0 (all versions), TX 7.0 (all versions), XJ 4.5RL, TX8 (all versions), TX7 Demo

TX (all versions), Nova 10 (all versions), Nova 9 (all versions), TC9, TC09, TC8, TC08, TC7, TC07, TC06, Z-Racing, ZRC, Z-Sport, XR (all versions), XT (all versions), L60, L50, L30 adult/junior boot sole, L45, XP05, XP03, Z-Forza

Team P10, Team 8 Maxplate, Team 8, Team 4 adult/junior boot sole, P9.0 Jr., XJ9.0, LJ4.5 adult/junior boot sole, P9.0 Jr., XJ7.0 Jr., TT9.0 Jr., XR9.0 Jr., XJ4.5 junior boot sole, TT9, XJ3 Kid junior boot sole, XJ09, XJ5, XJ05 adult/junior boot sole, XJ3 junior boot sole, XJ05 junior boot sole, XR9 Jr., ZR Jr.


2003/2004 Retail Bindings
MRR Comp 1500, MRR Free, Comp 1400 Piston Control, Comp 1400 EPS, Comp 1400 Free, Titanium 1300 IBC, Titanium 1300 Piston Control, Titanium 1200 Piston Control, Titanium 1200 EPS, Titanium 1200 Free, M1100 Titanium IBC, M1100 Titanium CCxi, M1100 CCxi, M1000 CC, M1000 EC10, M900 EPS, M1000 Jr. Comp CCxi/EPS,
M700 EC10, M700 EPS, M450 EPS, Piston Motion Comp 1400, Piston Motion 1200, Motion Titanium 1200, Motion 12, Motion 10, IBC Mod 12, IBC Mod 11, IBC Mod 10, Synergy Track Titanium 1200, Synergy Track Titanium 1100, Synergy Track M1100, Fusion M1200, Fusion M1100

2003/2004 Rental/Demo Bindings
Comp 1400 SP Demo, Titanium 1200 SP Demo, M1100 Titanium SP Demo, M900 SP Demo, M1000 RTL, M700 RTL, M450 RTL

Non-Current Retail Bindings
Comp 1400 Glide Control, Titanium 1300 Glide Control, Titanium 1200 Glide Control, MRR Racing EC14, MRR Racing EPS, M1000 EPS, M8.2 EC14 Graphite, M7.2 Graphite SC, M7.2 Graphite EC14, M6.2 SC, M6.2 EC14/EPS, M5.2 EC10, M3.2, M9.2 EC10/EPS Jr., M2.2 EC10/EPS, M1.2 EPS. MRR Turbo SC Racing
M9.2 Turbo SC Racing, M9.2 Turbo SC Titanium, M8.2 SC Graphite, M7.2 SC, M9.2 EC14/EPS Racing, M9.2 EC14 Titanium, M7.2 EC14/EPS, M4.2 EC14/EPS, M3.1, MRR Turbo SC Titanium, M9.1 Turbo SC Racing, M9.1 Turbo SC Titanium, M8.1 SC, M8.1 SC XLi, M7.1 SC, MRR EPS/EPS3 Racing, MRR EPS/EPS3 Titanium, M9.1 EPS/EPS3 Racing, M9.1 EPS/EPS3 Titanium
M8.1 EPS/EPS3 Graphite, M8.1 EPS/EPS3, M8.1 EPS XLi, M7.1 EPS/EPS3, M6.1 EPS/EPS3, M5.1 EPS/EPS3, M4.1, M9.1J Racing EPS, M3.1J Carving EPS, M2.1, M1.1, M9, M1 SC/Turbo SC Racing, M1 SC/Turbo SC Titanium, M51 SC/Turbo SC Racing, M51 SC/Turbo SC Titanium, M51 SC Demonstrator, M41 SC/SC2/XLi, M31 SC/SC2/XLi, M29V SC/SC2
MRR Racing /EPS/EPS2, MRR Titanium /EPS/EPS2, M51 Racing /X-Stream/EPS/EPS2, M51 Titanium /EPS/EPS2, M51Graphite/EPS/EPS2/95mm/110mm, M51 /EPS/ EPS2, M41/EPS/ EPS2/XLi/95mm, M31 /EPS/ EPS2, M29V EPS/EPS2, M28V /EPS/EPS2, M27V EPS/EPS2, M19 Racing /EPS/EPS2, M19V, M48 Racing, M48 Titanium, M48, M38, M38L, M28, M27, M18 Racing, MRR Twincam, MR Twincam, M19, M18, M8, Motion Comp 1400

Non-Current Rental/Demo Bindings
M1000 SP Demo, M7.2 Graphite SP Demo, M5.2 SP Demo, M5.2 EPS RTL, M2.2 EPS RTL, M1.2 EPS RTL, M9.2 SP Demo, M8.2 SP Graphite Demo, M7.2 SP Demo, M7.2 EC RTL,M9.1 Turbo SC Titanium RTL, M8.1 SC RTL, M9.1 Titanium EPS RTL/Demo, M8.1 Graphite EPS RTL/Demo, M8.1 EPS RTL/Demo
M7.1 EPS RTL/Demo, M5.1 EPS RTL/Demo, M19V RTL, M51 SC/Turbo SC Racing RTL/Demo, M51 SC/Turbo SC Titanium RTL/Demo, M41 SC2 RTL, M41 SC Demo, M51 Racing /EPS/ RTL/Demo, M51 Titanium /EPS/RTL/Demo, M51 Graphite /EPS/RTL/Demo/95mm/110mm
M41 /EPS/ RTL/Demo, M41 XLi RTL/Demo/95mm, M31 EPS RTL/Demo, M29V EPS FasTrak RTL/Demo, M1 SC Racing Demo, M1SC Titanium Demo, M48 Racing RTL/Demo, M48 Titanium RTL/Demo, M48 RTL/Demo, M38 RTL/Demo, M28 RTL, M27 RTL, M19 Demo, M18 Demo


Power 140 (all versions), Power 120 (all versions), Power 100 (all versions), Power 95 (all versions), Axial 140 (all versions), Axial 120 (all versions), Axial 110 (all versions), Axial 100 (all versions), Scratch 140, Scratch 100, FKX (all versions), FT 100 R Flex, FKS (all versions), FKJ Course, FS, FTX 105 (all versions), FDX 100 (all versions), FDX 95, FK, FKS Pro
FTS (all versions), FTX 120 (all versions), FTX 110 (all versions), FT Cut, FTX 105, FT 100, FT 120, FT 110, FJ, FTX 120 SS, FTX 105 SS, FD 75 SS, FT 120 Demo SS, FT 100 Demo SS, FD 70 Demo SS, FD 80 (all versions), FD 70 (all versions), FD 60 (all versions), FDX 75, Axium 100, Axium 90, Saphir 95 (all versions), Saphir 90 (all versions)
Axium Scratch (all versions), Axium 110 (all versions), Axium 100 (all versions,) Axium 95 (all versions), Axium 90 (all versions), Axium 70 (all versions), FDX Saphir, FD 60, FD 65, FD 8, FD 7, FD 6, FD 8 PL, FD RTL, FD RTL, FD 6 RTL, FKJ Pro, FDJ (all versions), Axial 100 Race Jr., Equipe Race Jr., Equipe J, Equipe 80, Comp J (all versions), FPS Course, FPS Composite, FPS, FPS Li, FPS Test


2003/2004 Retail Bindings
S914 Fis Pilot, S914 Pilot, S912 Fis Pilot, S912 Ti Pilot, S912 Ti SC Pilot, S810 Ti Pilot, S810 Pilot, S810 Ti SC Pilot, S710 Pilot, S710 SC Pilot, S710 Ti Pilot, S914 Axe+, S914 Fis, S914 Pe 2, S914, S912 Ti Pe 2, S912 Ti, S912 Ps, S910 T, S910, S810 Ti Axe+, S810 Cp, S810 Ps, S711 Ps, S710 Cp, S710, C610 Cp, C610, C509 Dr+, C509, C608 Cp, C608, C305, C305 MINI

2003/2004 Rental Bindings
S912 Ti SC, S810 Ti SC, Cosmic S712 SC, Cosmic S710 SR, Cosmic S710 SC, Cosmic S710, S305 SC, C608 SR, C608 SC, C509 SR, C509 SC, C305 SR, Snowtrip ST 410

Non-current Retail Bindings
Driver Suspension 997 Equipe, Driver Suspension 997 Carbon, Driver 997 Equipe, Driver 997 Carbon, 997 Equipe, 997 Carbon, 997 EXP, 997 Composite, 977 Force, 977 Team, 977, 957 Race, 957 Equipe, 957 Composite S914 Pe,
S912 Ti Pe, S912 Pe, S912, S910 T Ps, S910 T Axe+, SP900 Equipe, SP900 Equipe Alium, SP900 Alium, S900 Equipe Team Race, S900 Equipe Team Drive Plus, S900 Equipe Team Axe+, S900 Equipe Team, S900 Equipe Race, S900 Equipe Poweraxe, S900 Equipe Drive Plus, S900 Equipe Axe+, S900 Equipe Alium Poweraxe, S900 Equipe Alium Drive Plus, S900 Equipe Alium Axe+, S900 Equipe Alium, S900 Equipe, S900 Carbon Poweraxe, S900 Carbon Drive Plus, S900 Carbon Axe+, S900 Carbon, S900 Ti, S900 Alium, S900,
Driver Suspension 897 Composite, Driver Suspension 897, Driver 897 Composite, 897 Equipe, 877 Equipe, 877, 857, 857 Lady, SP850, S850 X-Mountain, S850 Poweraxe, S850 Alium X-Mountain, S850 Carve w/Ramp Plus, S850 Carve, S850 Axe+, S850, S811 PS, S810 Ti Ps, S810 Axe+, S810, Quadrax 800 Carbon, Quadrax 800, SP800, S800 Poweraxe, S800 Drive Plus, S800 Alium, S800,
797 Composite, Driver 797 Composite, 797, 777, 777 Lady, 757, 757 Lady, S710 Ti Cp 2, S710 Pa, S710 DP, S710 CP 2, S710 Axe+, S708 T Axe+, Quadrax 700, S700 Team Poweraxe, S700 Team, S700 Axe+, S700, 677, 657, C610 CP 2, S608 CP, C608 CP 2, Q600 Poweraxe, Q600, Quadrax 600,
577, 557, 557 Sport, 557 Lite, C509 D+, Q500, 457, C407 Grom, Quadrax 400, Q400, S305 GROM, C305 GROM, C305 MINI GROM, Quadrax 300, Q300, S300, Driver 197 Equipe Junior, 197 Equipe Junior, 177 Equipe Junior, 177, 157 Equipe,
157 Junior, 57 Team, 57 Junior, 57 Mini, Suspension DR9 Equipe, Suspension DR9 EXP, Quadrax 8 Carbon, Quadrax 8, Suspension DR8 Composite, Quadrax 7, Quadrax 6, Quadrax 6 Lady, Quadrax 5.5, Quadrax 5, Quadrax 3, Quadrax 3 Mini, Quadrax Team, Team Junior, Team, Force Junior, Force, Extreme Carve

Non-current Rental Bindings
Driver Suspension997 Equipe SR, Driver 997 Equipe SC, Driver 997 Equipe SR, 997 Equipe SC, 997 Equipe SR, 977 Equipe Demo, 977 Demo, 957 Equipe Demo, S912 Ti Pe 2 Demo, S912 Ti Pe Demo, S912 Ti SR, SP900 Equipe Test, S900 Equipe SR Drive Plus, S900 Equipe SR, S900 Equipe SC Drive Plus, S900 Equipe SC
SP850 Test, 877 SC, 857 Demo, 857 RR, S850 SR Drive Plus, S850 SC Drive Plus, S850 SC, S810 SR, S810 SC, S800 SR, Driver 797 SC, 797 SC, 777 SR, 757 RR, S711 SR, S711 SC, S708 T SR, Q700 SC, S700 Team SR, S700 SR, S700 SC Drive Plus, S700 SC, Q500 SC Drive Plus
Q500 SC, Q500 SR, 477 RR, 477 LR, 457 LR, C407 Grom SR, Q400 SR, 357 RR, S305 Grom SC, Q300 SC, Q300 SR, S300 SC, C305 Grom SR, 177 Team SR, 177 RR, 157 RR, 57 Junior RR, 57 RR, 57 Mini, Quadrax 7 SC, Quadrax 7 SR, Quadrax 6 SC, Quadrax 5 SR, Quadrax 5 RR, Q5 SR, Quadrax 3 RR, Quadrax 3 SC, Quadrax 3 SR, Quadrax 3, Q3 SC, Q3 SR, Force SR


Line 2000/01/02/03
Freeflex Plus 10 X, Freeflex Plus 8 X, Freeflex Plus 10, Freeflex Plus 8 LD, Freeflex Plus 8, Freeflex Plus 7, Madflex 9.
HD 14 Railflex, LD 12 Railflex, LD 10 Railflex, SLD 11 Railflex, SL 11 Railflex, SL 10 Railflex, LD 12 Rail, SLD 10 Rail, LD 10 Rail.
LD 12 Cyber, LD 12 S, LD12, LD 10
Powerselect Freeride 9, Powerselect Freeride 8, Powerselect Freeride SL 110, Cyber Carbon D9 SX, Cyber Carbon D9, Cyber Carbon D8 SX, Cyber Carbon D8, Cyber SL 110, SL 110 Carve ABS, SL 110 S ABS, SL 110 ABS, SL 100 Carve ABS, SL 100 ABS, SL 100 Carve, SL 100, SL 70 Carve ABS, SL 70 ABS, SL 70, SL 45, TD8 TS, TD 8, T 6

Freeflex Plus 10, Freeflex Plus 8. Powerselect Freeride 9, Powerselect Freeride 8, Powerselect Freeride 7, Power Select 9, Powerselect 8, Freeflex 9 World Cup, Freeflex 8 Racing, SL 110 Carve ABS, SL 100 Carve ABS, SL 100 ABS TS, SL 100 ABS,SL 100, Cyber Carbon D9, Cyber D8, Cyber 7, Cyber 6, Carve Flex 6, Carve Flex 4, TD 9 T, TD 8, TD 8 TS, T7, T6, T5, T4, T2

Power Series
Power 9 Racing, Power 9 Mogul, Power 9, Power 8, Cyber FF

Cruise Series
Cruise 9 Racing, Cruise 9 Mogul, Cruise 8, Cruise 6

Spirit Series
Spirit 9 Racing, Spirit 9, Spirit 8, Spirit 7, Spirit 6, Spirit 3, Spirit 2

600 Series
690 DD, 690 RDD, 690 DP, 690 PalDP, 690 DPM, 690 RDP. 680 DP, 680 DD, 670 DP, 670 DD, 660 D, 650 D, 630 D, 620 D

700 Series
790 JFF, 790PP, 790 RFF, 790 RPP, 790 MPP, 790PalPP. 790FF, 780FF, 770FF, 760FF, 750FF, 740FF

Delrin lugs only
SP 130 ABS Demo Aero, SP 120 ABS, SP100 ABS, SP 70 ABS, SP 45. SR 100
SR 70, SR 45. SymPro 9 ABS, SymPro 9 ABS PROMO, SymPro 9, SymPro 8 ABS, SymPro 8, SymPro 7, SymPro 4, SymPro 2 SL
SymRent DEMO, SymRent 7, SymRent 6, SymRent 4, SymRent 3, SymRent 2, SymRent 2 SL
Powerselect 8 RENT DEMO, Powerselect 8 Rent. 780 FF Pro, 790 DS PRO, 790 RFF PRO
690 Pal Pro, 680 DS Pro, 650 DS Pro, 650 DSR, 650 DRLPro, 650 DR, 630 DR, 620 DR
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