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Talk about an old joke...

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Yeah, I know this one is old, but I was reading a comment that Lisamarie made in another thread (Oh, and while I'm talking about her, can I let you know that I am not the stalker she was referring to in another thread)
Anyway, back to the joke (why do I feel like Ronnie Corbett here), so the producer said to me, Ronnie, he said...

Two bags of sick were walking along a road, when they walked past this alley. All of a sudden one of the bags suddenly bursts into tears.
"What's wrong" said the other one

"This brings back memories, you see, this is the street I was brought up on"

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bad, bad joke!

I bet you LOVE Christmas cracker jokes don't you
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Reference to the "Two Ronnies"??? You must be old.
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define "old"


[ June 13, 2002, 11:25 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ? ]
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You think Katie Couric is a prime POA.
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Bad dog Fox ...... bad, bad dog. Now out!
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Are we telling old 'Two Ronnies' jokes. Here's one:

Did you hear about the new bra? It's called the sheepdog because it rounds them up and points them forward.
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Who is Katie Couric?
And, to be honest I'm not interested in A, I mean who looks at the Baxi when you're poking the fire?

OK, on to today's humour...
A friend of mine used to have a hair problem. Anyway, he was dating a blonde, and she got annoyed that he wouldn't do anything about it. So she decided to go to the doctor. She described the problem: "Every day my boyfriend's shoulders are cover in little white flakes."
Doctor: "That sounds like he's got dandruff"
"What should I do"
Dr: "My suggestion would be to give him Head and Shoulders"
The blonde thought about this for a moment and then said: "Doctor, how do you give shoulders?"

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Katie Couric; a yank lady who was on some crappy infotainment show with a black man called Bryant Gumble (I am not making that up).

I saw her in an old movie actually, she was a prostitute!
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Are you saying that Katie Couric was/is a prostitute, or that in a movie, she played a pro?

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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:
I mean who looks at the Baxi when you're poking the fire?
I don't look at the mantle piece while poking the fire, but do like to play with the ornaments.

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...Particularly when the ornaments look like two zepplins having a race...

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Thanks, Fox, I need a good laugh!!

Katie Couric (If you don't really know) is a host on a morning news/fluff show on NBC, called the Today Show.
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She played a prostitute! It wasn't a very nice film. I bet she did an Arnie and tried to buy up all the copies of it when she became famous for being Wholesome.
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