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Gumball3000 Rally

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It all started years ago with Brock Yates and a bunch of buddies racing across the country for bragging rights. Now it has turned into a worldwide corporate event driving fast in the under the guise of "charity". We were able to go to the pre party where the cars were gathering for the launch of the U.S. leg here in Reno. Here is the site with all the information Gumball3000. Getting the cars and racers over from Europe was taking more time than anticipated so there were only about 20 cars ready to go (the rest would hit the first leg to SF later. We did see Jon Olssen, Tommy Lee and Dolph Lundgren along with 4 McLarens, a MB SLR Cab with an awful wrap, Bentley (yawn in this bunch), Rolls Royce, G-Wagen, some Hellcat Challengers and the best of the bunch Porsche 918 Spyder. 



McLaren Mp4-12c

Porsche 918 Spyder

McLaren Mp4-12C

McLaren Mp4-12C

Dolph Lundren

Since this is a ski forum Jon Olssen, he did notice my Head shirt.



Mercedes SLR



Lexus RCF


918's motor

SLR back. This had the most hideous wrap on it. the car is silver.

McLarens again

Quite the helmet cam


What Jon was driving

I was surprised he didn't have his R8


Interesting plate

I don't think that is a soda stream in the Lexus

Built for performance? 

GTR with a bike rack


SLR I love the push button start on these, it is on the gear shift, under a cover. 

Jon again

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About $2,000,000 in this the speaker



Oh. My. Gawd.

The drivers and entourage getting off the plane for europe

Dolph "Drago" Lundgren

Tricia and I sitting in the MCLaren.


A few hours later....

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Gumball 3000 is also having a silent auction for charity. 

One of the things you can bid on are Lewis Hamilton's driving gloves. 

Lewis will be arranging in California to drive the last let of the trip today from Las Angeles to Las Vegas. 


The winning bidder of Lewis' gloves will also receive 2 VIP tickets to a F1 race of choice. 

@epic You should bid on those. :D


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So, which of Tricia or Phil was driving the McClaren when you got pulled over?

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