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Elk Shed Hunting

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I just got into hunting for elk sheds this year. With prices so high ($14 /lb) it has turned into a lucrative hobby. I know we have a lot of folks on this board that live in ski country which is also prime shed hunting territory so I am curious if anyone else is into this? If so, where do you hunt and how is it?
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I find a few deer sheds here MTBing.  I cut them up for my hound.

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Yeah, they are great for dog treats. A little piece of antler can sell for $20.
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Big deal here also.  The sheds aren't supposed to be picked up until April 20th, and I know a few people who have been ticketed for picking them up early.  Supposedly the wildlife isn't ready to be pressured by motorized incursions until after 4/20.  I don't do it myself on purpose, but if I come across a shed in the Uinta mtns (Utah/Wyo border) while hiking/camping, it's coming with me.

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How do you get the elk to stay in the sheds?  ;)

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@Finndog , that is why they have to wait until 4/20, they don't come OUT of the shed til then. Gnar the shed.

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