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Custom Boots

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I thought those were next season's Rossignol soft boots.

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Looks like a quality European ski boot from the 1950's.

Most US ski boots I remember from that era had a manufacturer's name emblazoned on them somewhere

What makes you think they're "custom"?
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Fox is right They are next seasons Rossi soft boots. It's the retro look it will be all the rag nect year. Get out your stretch pants and wool sweaters.
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Custom Boots

Anyone have a guess on the vintage, manufacturer of these custom boots?

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These are Haderer custom boots made in Kitzbuhl, Austria in 1958. My friend who owns them says they were the top of the line when he purchased them. They even have Vibram soles.
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Yes Kneale is right they are from the 1950's and as a child I do remember them, and hated them. All that lacing and relacing.

You see what makes them custom..... is that everytime you lace them up you get a custom fit everytime.

Did I mention that you had to lace them up four times. That's two inner boots and two outer boots that needed to be laced....tightly...and for little young hands that was a task in itself.

Did I also mention that as soon as the lather boots got damp or wet the custom fit had to be adjusted as the leather stretched.

And finally, there were no ski brakes in those days. Just a very long leather thong that had to wrapped around your leg in a manner that would secure it from unraveling.

So you see skiing in those days was not only a sport of edges, but of laces and thongs as not the undergarment thongs, but leather thongs...I would imagine that they have those as leather that is.
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