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Something Very Sweet

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This is actually a true story! Mark was walking Giselle, our Greyhound last night, when she saw what appeared to be a dead sparrow. Before he could stop her, she pulled him over to the bird. She was about to put her mouth over the bird, when the sparrow looked up and blinked its eyes.

Giselle kissed the bird on its head, then turned away.

And man is supposed to be the "higher" species.....
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What a difference compared to my old girl!
(a "Pastore Bergamasco" , they look like the
Hungarian sheperds, I think. They are mountain dogs)
My mother brought her down from the Bergamo's ForeAlps (Prealpi Bergamasche or OROBIE, a subset of the Alpi Retiche) when I was about 10, and we grew together.
She liked snow,and went wild ith joy everytime it snowed (I think that it brought back her memories
of her "childhood").
She used to give chase to every chicken/pidgeon she saw, and often than not, succeeded in catching her prey.
OTOH she had a very "maternal" attitude.
She was the one to raise every kitten we brought home. Like it was one of her puppies.
She's passed away many years ago, but we have had
three generations of her offspring keeping watch over us.
Great dogs, esp. with kids.
I'd love to have such a dog with me now, alas, living in a flat it would do her no good.
Luckily my parents do still have a dog, and two cats, so my kids will not grow in complete ignorance of what a real animal is.
More often than not, children my kids age tend to think that the milk and the eggs (just to make two examples) are being produced by the store, rather than by a Cow and by a Chicken...
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She is the doggie who found our little kitty, Blackcomb, in a shopping bag. She will chase birds and squirrels, but stop short before hurting them. Skunks, are a whole different story, though...
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My sister in law had an Italian sheep dog. It looked just like a sheep and was said to blend in with the flock and in this way it would ambush wolves.

Earl was a gentle creature, unless, you happened to be a chicken. Earl loved chickens ..... for lunch, dinner or a mid-night snack. Poor Earl had death warrants issued in two different towns by the local animal wardens. He spent the last five years of his life living with other relatives under an assumed name.

My cat Emmy has been making up for any reprive issued by Lisamaries dog. The "body count" for rabbits was three today, birds ...... only one though, one vole and what may have been a mouse. I can't take it! I live with the Pol Pot of the animal world.
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Thought we were going to be told the reccomended calorie intake or calorie value of a consumed sparrow. I trust you went back and gave the sparrow a list of rehabilitation exercises .

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