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Bigot? Me? Never!

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OK, a very serious poll here, only take part if you really think you know yourself...


P.S. it's only 1 question
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Just bumping this into today's acitve topics.

Please don't post your reasons.

I just realised I left out one that should have been on (and the only one to be named): Bill Gates.

Maybe he'll qualify in the next revolution!

Thanks for voting.

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What does "bigot" in the title have to do with the poll? And how does this poll fit in this forum? Let me know if I'm missing the joke, but at the moment I don't see any joke at all.
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Hi AC,
No, I'm not saying I, or anyone is a bigot , it was more along the lines of each of us saying:
"Me, a bigot? Never!, but I'll tell you who will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes..."
It's also partly based on a line in HHGG.

It's meant as a bit of humour!


P.S. This discussion is also a great way of keeping it high on Today's Active Topics!
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And the politicians are in the lead, but who will win???


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