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Ski transport - 2 pr. Sportstube or Glissade pack

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Yep. Not only did my skis break on the first day of my Jackson trip, but the airline trashed my 1 ski Sportstube (hard ski case) on the way back. (It's been a high gear breakage year, I broke my nice graphite ski poles a few weeks ago when crushing the bumps). Anyway, the airline is going to pay for a replacement, so I might throw in a few bucks of my own and get a 2 pair transport (from now on I am taking 2 skis on my vacations - just in case - I hate to rent when I have a spare set).

SO - what's a better option - the 2 pair Sportstube or the Glissade bag? Also, on the 2 pair sportstube, if I only transport one pair, is it flopping around in there or is there something inside that separates both pairs.

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I have had a two pair Glissade bag for years. I have used it on many trips throughout the US and Canada. I have never had a problem with either the bag or any equipment in it. The only problem is that when it is loaded with two pairs of skis, poles etc. it becomes pretty heavy. Any bag with two pairs will be heavy though. I just let a buddy borrow it who went to Switzerland. He loved it and is going to buy one too. Good luck.
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I have the 2 pair tube. Each pair is strapped in, so if you only take one, they won't flop around. Better yet, what most people, including myself, do if only taking 1 pair, is to use the empty space to pack stuff for the trip. It'll save you a piece of luggage, because you can store a lot in there. If it doesn't save you a piece of luggage, it'll at least let the other one you take be smaller and lighter. And since it's on wheels....

Pray tell, how did the airline manage to destroy your tube (and which airline)?
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It was American Airlines. One end (the end with the wheels) is crushed in and pretty mangled for about 6 inches. The wheels are now pointing in separate directions and there are holes in the plastic. I can only imagine what would have happened if I would have had the skis in a soft thin bag. The idiot at Baggage Claim actually told me at first that he thought it could be fixed. I had to speak to the manager... very frustrating experience. The funny thing is that this is the first time I use the case. Actually, it is the first time I even travel with skis (I used to always rent/demo when I traveled for ski vacations). So of course, now I'm going to be paranoid next time I travel.<FONT size="1">

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I had American destroy 2 pair of skis in a bag in SLC. It looked like the bag had been dragged off the back of the loggage cart at high speed down the tarmac for a few miles. Both skis (one from each pair) had been shaved smooth and the edges got so hot that they turned colors, permanently. The bases had gotten so hot that the p-tex boiled. The bought me a new bag and paid for rentals for the week, but paid to "repair" the skis. Yeah right! Not to replace them. Ge I wonder why those are the only 2 pair of skis that I wasn't able to sell at ski swaps? Well, it sounds like your tube did its job, and took the bullet for your skis.
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Funny, scary, somewhat embarrassing story:

Coming back from a ski trip, transferring in ATL. Look out the window, I see the baggage carrier hauling my Sporttube. Cool. Then I see the case break into two segements and my skis fall out on the tarmac. Not so cool.

So next I watch the guy trying to get the skis back in to the case. For anyone who has put a pair of skis into a SportTube for the first time, you'll know this isn't easy! He actually did a pretty impressive job, considering. Spent the rest of the flight worrying about them..sure glad to see my skis and tube in one peice when I got home. No harm, no foul, but morale:

Be careful to make sure that the padlock makes it through the _inner_ tube as well as the outer! I'm usually pretty careful, but I must not have been paying attention this time.
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Now.. that's a funny story.

Guess I'm going to have to flip a coin between the Glissade or the Sportstube.. because I'm still not sure what's the better option (although I do have to give the tube a lot of 'credit' for taking the bullet for my skis).
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Glissade is what I've used for the past ten years.
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About two weeks ago one of the networks had some footage of (I believe), Northwest employees deliberately shagging peoples baggage basketball style.

Sounds like someone practiced log rolling with your tube.
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