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Dear sir,
I notice with interest that you are called 9.12 skier, and that you have chosen to use the Atomic logo in your signature.
While I have no problem with either of these, I must take issue with you posting a "test" post. As anyone on here will tell you, tests belong in the Ski Gear Discussion section. By posting it here, you risk being taken to action by people for posting off topic, or in the wrong thread. This is a serious offence.

Please only post humour in this section.

Thank you.
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Hi Foxy (read in singsong falsetto)

Missed ya.

BTW, you have posted something Non-Humourous in the Humourous section, breaking the rules yet again.

Methinks you are a habitual criminal.

PS. Sophie done by Monday. Your deal.
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No, this was sarcasm.
The humour in the post comes from other threads.


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First [img]tongue.gif[/img]


Last :

Are you back or what?
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I thought it was (quite subtle) irony. Therefore no Americans will understand.
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You took a big risk saying something like that. Any intelligent American would have understood my comments.
Please don't bash the yanks - they still have nukes, it's not worth the risk!

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My point was that not All sarcasm and irony are Humourous. I totally understood your post, Fox, and was giving you some good old American sh*t about it.

But I guess I am just too dense to get that, too....

Color me a dull and stupid American, I guess.
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