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hummm, $20 coincidenc??????

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What do you THINK??????????????
$20 bill ????
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Hate to spoil the party, but I think it's a coincidence. It's amazing what you can do with origami!
I can't remember which note it was over here in the 1980s - £5 £10 or £20, but it used to be if you folded it in a certain way, you had a very clear drawing of a certain part of the female anatomy, and I'm sure that wasn't done on purpose!

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Give the front of a US $1 note a few folds and George becomes a mushroom/male member.. whatever.
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I posted this link because I thought it was funny.

The Bullsh*t that people come up with......... :

I use to fold one dollar bills to make a Mushroom too Yuki, like in 7th grade.
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No offense but I would never call anything connected to 9/11 funny.
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I agree with Bethany.

[ May 19, 2002, 01:33 PM: Message edited by: BillA ]
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Let me explain... I find it funny that some yokel has the time to find things related to a serious thing that has happen.

I have tried to keep my humor.. and not get Offend bye what Dingle Dorfs do in there spare time.

9/11 it was bad/sad/tragic, but I cannot let them terrorist get the best of me.

I am Sorry if I offended anyone.
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