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K2 Enemy and Dynastar Concept

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I've been racing my whole life but now that I want to get some twins I have no idea what to do. I see people my height with 180s and others that say that a twin should be no longer than 173. I'm 6'1 but only 168 pounds. I ski hard and want a twin that will let me ski the whole mountain as well as the park. I hear the Enemy is great but that its heavy. The concept only comes in a 168 and 180. Is 180 to long? Its hard for me to think that I need to trade my 163 slalom skis for something twenty cm longer. Any help would be appreciated.

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No first hand experience, but from having open ears I would say the concepts. Tend to get very high reviews on the versatility aspect. and, a little better quality reliability than the k2. But, k2 does a great job replacing their frequently broken skis.
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I don't know how must park ski insight you will get from this forum, but a few of us still have spines and knees healthy enough to prefer that part of the mountain. I first want to ask you, What do you plan to do with your twins? If you plan to land or ride switch, spin your airs, or ride the pipe, then a twin is the way to go. My brother and I have been riding Concepts (180's)for a season. After about 5-7 days of heavy use (big airs and some hard landings) both pairs developed cracks in the tips. I knew that Concepts had a rep for this, and also true to the rumors, Dynastar refused to warranty them. Mind you, they were less then two months old. Regardless of the cracks, I plan on using them another season, before I grab a new twin.

As far as size is concerned, a 180 is the way to go with the Concepts, as the alternate length is actually a 165. If you are throwing big airs, you want the extra length for landings. As far as the Enema goes, the 173 is more like a 175, so it should be fine. It is the better all-mtn. ski, though. Ultimately, I bought the Concepts becasue I found a new pair for $125.

Also, look for a light pair of bindings with minimal lift, to reduce weight and give better snow feel. I have Sallie 912 Ti's on my Concepts and like them just fine. My brother put a pair of Marker 9.1's on his Concepts, and they feel quite heavy.
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I'm definitely not pure park so I was staying away from Lines and anything with that much flex. A friend has a pair of Rossi Pow'Air Pros that he loves but no one outside of a shop sells them. I've never even considered Head skis but I've seen them get great reviews. It's getting so late in the year that I'll probably just wait until next winter. All my friends are getting amazing deals on Ebay and I wanted to get in on the action but not sell myself short just because I was getting a good deal. Thanks for for your input and if know of anyone who has twins for sale or sites where I can get deals, please let me know.

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email this guy, you can get either the concepts or the candides ( little beefier, grip tape for grabs, diff. graphics...) with look p12 spacers for 350 delivered in 3 days. nice deal.
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Go with the Enemy. I ski this in a 183 and love it (5'10, 170lbs). I had bought it as a ski to play with in the park, but have since stopped skiing my Mod X's all together. These things are great everywhere I've taken them on the hill.

As for the weight, they are nothing compared to any of my other skis. I ski a tele setup so the bindings don't weigh anything, and obviously this would be a big factor in any set up you use.

One factor to consider is the warranty issues. If you are bringing these in the park at all you are going to be putting them in a high stress environment and consequently they may break. Dynastar is absolutely terrible in terms of customer service. K2 from what I hear is great, although I've been fortunate enough to not need to use them for anything.

Price wise you should be able to get the relatively cheap. I see them in shops for $300 and under all the time.
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FYI the Enemy will list at $100 less next season, so a good deal this spring may not be as good as you think.
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$100 off MSRP? I wonder if shops will drop them below $300 or not. If so I will definitely stock up on another pair.
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I know that the 99-00 model was sitting on sale for $279 in a lot of the shops toward the end of the season. Is next years' Enemy going to be different enough that they'll be dropping the price around that? You know you're doing allright if the most pressing issue in your life is what skis you need to buy.

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Have heard a lot of good things about the enema from my buddies. The longer version especially. Another good ski (a bit more park orientated) might be the new 1080´. The old ones that i have (99-00,the yellow ones) are a bit to skinny for serious allroundbigmountain use.At least for me. Thats the reason i bought Poketrockets. Have to say, god i love them...
Fun, versatile, easy to ride, suprisingly stable (okay,they´r Asteroids...) and i´ve seen BigBuddies spin 720´with them.With ease.
But as in every gear orientated sport, youll find against/pro comments about,well, everything, so its just matter of your taste and preferences.
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