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Heaven, Hell, and Houston.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:

No, East Germany no longer exists, sorry, it doesn't count.
OK, but by that logic I'm counting Czechoslovakia twice then, since now it's two countries

I think I've still got some coins that say CSFR, for the Czech and Slovak Federated Republic, which lasted all of a year or so after the CSSR (C & S Socialist Republic) before they split. Nice souveneir.

Ah, it's Springtime for Glastnost, those lovely early 1990's.

Lostboy said:

Boston is the cultural and geographic center of the US.
Let's be accurate here. The correct term is Hub of the Universe.
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Prior to my travels to the "Isles", I used to look at their denizens as sophisticated, educated and "well traveled", thirsting for knowledge.

I have come to realize that you travel so darned much because you just can't wait to get the hell out of there. The damp chilly rains ...... constantly no less! NO SNOW?

Admittedly, the bacon and bangers in Killybegs were the best I've ever had but Nescafe instant coffee and paper thin sandwiches .... Burger King actually got lots of my business over there and I NEVER go in a BK over here.

We "Colonists" rarely "go-a-wandering" .... cause we don't have to.
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One thing I learned when touring the Guiness Brewery in Dublin is, THEY OWN Burger King. :
If you want to talk about AIR temperature from October to April, on the land around Lake Superior the average temp has to be below 32 degrees F. -30F to -40F is not unusual in the dead or winter.(what I need here is a blue guy with teeth chattering)
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OK who's used they're ice tools to break the ice on a lake & go for a dip on new years day for a bet?
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You don't have to bet to get people up "nort" to do that.
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Hey fox,

Cool poll. Sorry I missed it until now.

Firstly, in all fairness, the first question about number of countries visited is biased towards Europeans. I have travelled, stayed in, visisted over 10 countries but have only been to 2 continents!!!

When I lived in southern Germany, Switzerland was 2.5 hrs drive, Austria 3hrs, France 30 mins, etc...so I think I had an unfair advantage.

On paper I suppose it looks like I am well travelled. Yet the variety of places I have visited is not that great. My exposure to eastern cultures is very limited (something I hope soon to rectify).

I think the difference here is that there are many people in Europe who share an inate curiosity of other countries and cultures.
This has little to do with the weather. I have been to Slovenia, not because I expected sunshine, but because I really wanted to see the place. I was insanely curious about the language, buildings....oh, and the beer!

I don't always sense this same kind of curiosity from 'some' Americans (no I AM NOT LOOKING TO START A FIGHT NOR AM I SEEKING TO INSULT FELLOW BEARS) Those who feel simply no need to venture beyond their borders, be that out of fear, lack of interest or the conviction that nowhere is better than America, so why bother.

I myself would travel for the rest of my life if someone were to give me the funds to do so...

This poll has shown me that I still have so many places left to see....I for one can't wait.

Enough of my ranting

By the way, who is the other language freak who speaks 5+ languges....glad I am not alone [img]smile.gif[/img]

Matteo sei tu?
Oder ist es vielleicht mein lieber Ott?

That's me for now.

Jules, Julia ,Juju (this is for you Ott )
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Cheeky, maybe, I'm not sure, la mia memoria e' un po' andata

AC, dchan: out of curiosity is there a way one can review the answers he's given to a poll?

Oh, BTW Julia, very nice post.

[ May 22, 2002, 05:07 AM: Message edited by: M@tteo ]
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If you want to check your own answers, just click on the box at the top 'view results'......is that what you meant??

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