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US Best seller?

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I'm wondering if any of you Americans can help me. Over the last few days there has been a lot of big words being used in posts. Has a new book been released called "Big Words That Will Make You Sound More Intelligent"?

If there is, could you send me a copy. I'd also like a copy of "American Grammar for Beginners" as I seem to need it as well.


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I think you are looking for the ebonics textbook
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Is that anything to e-business in Elbonia?

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Ebonics web page

Fox -

Ebonics is a folly where well-intended (and utterly naive) people are trying to allow African-American students study in a dialect of questionable validity. Though their intentions are good the result would be a further isolation of African-Americans by encouraging them to speak a dialect the rest of the country doesn't understand.
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