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Insurance forms

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Many have experienced the confusion of traffic accidents and have tried to summarize exactly what happened in a few words or less on insurance /accident forms. The following quotes were taken from these forms and were eventually published in the Toronto Sunday, July 26, 1977.

Coming home, I drove into the wrong house, and collided with a tree I don’t have.

The other car collided with mine without giving warning of its intentions.

I thought my window was down, but found out is was up when I put my hand though it.

I collided with a stationary truck coming the other way.

A truck backed through my windshield into my wife’s face.

A pedestrain hit me and went under my car.

The guy was all over the road: I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him.

I pulled away from the side of the road, glanced at my mother-in-law and headed over the embankment.

In my attempt to kill a fly, I drove into a telephone pole.

I had been shopping for plants all day, and was on my way home. As I reached an intersection a hedge sprang up obscuring my vision. I did not see the other car.
I had been driving my car for four years when I fell asleep at the wheel and had an accident.

I was on my way to the doctor’s with rear end trouble when my universal joint gave way, causing me to have an accident.

As I approached the intersection, a stop sign suddenly appeared in a place where no stop sign had ever appeared before. I was unable to stop in time to avoid the accident.

To avoid hitting the bumper of the car in front, I struck the pedestrain.

My car was legally parked as I backed into the other vehicle.

An invisible car came out of nowhere, struck my vehicle, and vanished.

I told the police I was not injured, but on removing my hat, I found that I had a skull fracture.

I was sure that the old fellow would never make it to the other side of the roadway when I struck him.

The pedestrian had no idea what direction to go, so I ran over him.

I saw the slow moving, sad faced old gentleman as he bounced off my car.

The indirect cause of the accident was a little guy in a small car with a big mouth.

I was thrown from my car as I left the road. I was later found in a ditch by some stray cows.

The telephone pole was approaching fast. I was attempting to swerve out of its path when it struck my front end.

I was unable to stop in time, and my car crashed into the other vehicle. The driver and passengers left immediately for a vacation with injuries.

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Always eye opening! Even more eye opening was taking the deposition of drivers who had prepared similar accident reports. The more they explain, the less clear the facts become until the only inescapable conclusions are that they are lying or brain dead.

I remember one case where my client was the drunk who drove his car across the centerline and hit the car of a young woman nine months pregnant head on. He hopped out of his car, ran through a farmer’s field, jumped a few fences and finally crawled into a large blackberry bramble.

The K-9 officer took about five minutes to locate him, but it took about twenty minutes to extricate him from the bramble. He came out with torn cloths, scratched, bleeding, and stinking.

At the deposition, he claimed his condition at the scene of the accident was due to police abuse and that the woman had crossed the centerline and hit him. As the story went on, I finally asked him to step out with me for a private conversation. He was convinced that the manure he was spreading would avert any liability on his part. To the contrary, after my next status report to the insurer, there was a quick settlement and he was apparently dropped from future coverage.

Most importantly, the only injury to the young woman was a brief period of fear that the accident hurt her baby. Turns out she and the baby were fine!! My dogbreath of a client paid for her car (yes the insurer was more than fair in the settlement), the “fear” medical exam and provided a rental for about a week.

Oh the joy of being retained by an insurance company to defend the indefensible.
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