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Are You a Geek?

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I scored 55!

I'm not a geek.

Now, if only I could get my upgrade to broadband soon, I'd be able to veiw these threads 10 times as fast...

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Your GQ (geek quotient) is....

(this puts you in the 56.69 percentile.)

Your GQ is below average - you must be cool as a cucumber!

Thanks for the fun LM
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65, not bad 4 a trucker.
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72.5 (this puts you in the 61.49 percentile.)

Your GQ is below average - you must be cool as a cucumber!

[ May 08, 2002, 03:35 PM: Message edited by: SnoKarver ]
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SnoKarver, how did you get off the Island?
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Lisamarie 60
Markxs 195

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47.5 Not bad for a computer geek of 40 years
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Umm, like that was waaaay before the island gig man, can you dig?

Like, far out , like, wow! That is, like, really, like, cool!"
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You weren't watching that show on TV in that era were you? Manard
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I just noticed your points score is far closer to mine than Marks. Mmm. Interesting.
Is Mark coming to Utah next year?
Does he have to?
Could you organise some important thing for him to do at home, while you go away skiing for a week? I mean, maybe he could upgrade your house to bluetooth, so your microwave would tell you when you had a PM on Epic!

I'm not suggesting anything improper. Honestly. Just looking for a 24 hour PERSONAL trainer.

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LM, funny test.....

I scored 59 so it looks like i can steer clear of the geek zone too!

must be some more geeks out there...come on, own up!
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Fox knows about bluetooth, but he's not a geek? HMMMMM!!!!

BTW, I was completely computer illiterate before I learned to ski! Weird, huh?
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Hey, there's hope for us. I retook it and my score dropped to 165.

Honestly, I can't tell why it keeps scoring me like such a geek :
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I took it twice, AC might just have to banish me. 27.5 the first time and can you believe it---2.5 the 2nd go-round. Thats right 2.5. Anyone out there tell me how to turn this thing on?


opps, did not even get the name right


I'm going into seclusion for awhile!
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Ouch, 170. It all comes out. My undergrad was in electrical engineering. Oh, the shame of it all!
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I can't beleive it!
I scored 0!!!!

I think I need a couple of English language lessons...
Anyone volunteering for it?
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You don't need English lessons, you've just proved that you have a life, while some people here (and I won't name MXS or WTG, as that would be rude ), just know too much about computers.

But it does mean I could ask them a question...

Should I go broadband? It will cost me around $120 set up then $50 a month for 512k always on connection, compared to my current $20 for 56k dial up (which takes up a phone line, while broadband leaves it free).

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I'm a still life
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Matteo, anyone who can make a joke like that in English has a pretty decent command of the English language.

But I would wager a bet that if you put WTG and Markxs in the same room, some of us would be greatly in need of The Universal Translator!
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Yes Fox, go broadband! The speed and instant connection are very addictive. Your prices are very similar to those in the US, although set up is occasionally reduced during specials (more often in the summer).

I am not a geek! Doesn't everyone spend 3 days reshelving 1,200+ books (95% nonfiction) according to the Dewey Decimal System?
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(this puts you in the 9.27 percentile.)

Your GQ is far below average - you should be congratulated on your coolness!

Gee, I guess that I am cool. Wait, I took an internet geek test, please explain how I can be cool after taking a test like this.
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You're not a geek, you're just like the rest of us - anything LM says, we do!

I will probably take your advice.
As for cataloguing your books, I'm surprised that you don't have more fiction, particularly sci-fi novels, unless you believe all the hype, and classify them as non-fiction!

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Your GQ is far below average - you should be congratulated on your coolness!

Oh boy am I in trouble. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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