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Those wacky Aussies....

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I have heard of people eating bull's balls but biting human balls...well this is a first for me....
oh yeh he should have tried marmite instead...it's even better than vegemite!
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Maybe he's related to that rugby league (I think it was league, might have been union) player from Brisbane who was charged with "digital interference" for a method of disurpting players concentration when in scrums/rucks/mauls.

The only other story I remember from recent months regarding Australian sports stars was of one of the top Aussie Rules Football players (again, can't remember his name, sorry), who got married recently. His best man also played for the same team (I think they were from Sydney) and was there with his wife. At the reception, it was noticed that the groom had disappeared. He was discovered having sex in the toilets with the best man's wife.

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