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Hands up if you're bored today...

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So, I'm soooo bored this morning, that I thought I should give everyone a test or two...

What sort of drunk are you?

What sort of candy are you?

That's all for now.

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What kind of drunk are you?

Wow, I guess that I'm that annoying guy. Rats.
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Maybe we should use this thread to sort people out before the trip next year! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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but who would remember?
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Wear the fox hat?:

So, we meet again. The “what sort of candy are you?” site struck a nerve. You know, the one that says “You spend Saturday night: Putting super glue on all your friend's toilet seats!” No not toilet seats, my booze addled brain didn’t think of that. My booze-addled brains did, however, and much to my roommates chagrin, think of super gluing a Budweiser to his hand. He about beat himself silly thrashing around in bed. Did you know that you can’t just wash off super glue? No, its true, the Student Health Center had to remove it. By that time I thought better of taking credit for that little PJ. First thing when he got back I asked, "so how’d ya get the bottle on your hand? " The raging hangover didn’t seem to spice up his mood at all.

Good thing for naïve roommates!!!
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Yes, you seem to be following me. Next Gonzo will be accusing you and I of being the same person!

As for the toilet seat thing, I prefer putting clink film over the bowl. More fun with less repercussions (well apart from the splash back! )

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I agree with you Wear the fox hat?, the clink film works wonders, but is most effective on women. A guy has got to be really drunk to not see it on the urinal and if he can’t feel it sitting down, he’s too drunk to sit upright.

Another favorite was the "Sticky Roll." This works when the victim has a good buzz on, but drunk is best. Tools: powdered sugar, a strainer, and white sheets. How to: Peel back the bed covers of the intended victim. Place sugar into the strainer and liberally sprinkle the sugar on the sheets from waist area to knee area. Remake bed and wait.

Don’t believe me? Try it in your bed tonight!!!

Worst PJ ever? The “Duck Pond”. Yep, you heard right, we made a duck pond in a students dorm room. Made it out of cinder block, plastic sheet and water. We even caught three ducks for that real duck pond flavor. Did you know that in 24 hours each duck craps 2x its own weight and looses 1x its weight in feathers? The ducks were in the room for three days. Oops. This resulted in the biggest mess I had ever seen, and one really unhappy student (well, two, if you count me after the Dean of Students found out about it – my “idea,” my responsibility). Yeah, the Dean let me stay on for a few more months, but…
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Wear the fox hat?: “Next Gonzo will be accusing you and I of being the same person!”

Gonzo: “Its true, I say, you are the same person, and talking to yourself on another thread!!”

Wear the fox hat?: “Sigh…”

Gonzo: “No, Really, the same, they are the same. Oh, the voices, why … the voices won’t let me alone…”

Maddog: “Hey, my picture is on one of these threads somewhere. Wha… Hhmmm, oh for the love of Pete…. There it is, ‘Resorts, Tomorrow is another day’. Yeah, that’s it and I don’t look anything like the photo of Wear the fox hat? from the bottom of his posts!”

Gonzo: “What photo? There ain’t no stinking photo. See, they are the same person; he is just talking to himself. Oh, the voices…

Wear the fox hat?: “Sigh…”

Maddog: “Sigh…”
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Ahhh, Maddog,

Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface.

It takes 4 muscles to smile, but only on to pull the trigger on a Colt 45.

Now, if only I can get Gonzo to stand still long enough...

Alternatively, I could kill DangerousBrian, and then keep posting, would that be proof?

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