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"Dangerous Darwinism"

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This would be even funnier if it weren't so scarey that people actually think this way!
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No kidding.
They sure say a lot of "unchristian" things about people they don't like.
I guess it's easier for some people to buy into that stuff than think things through themselves.
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Without a hint of humor, with no "religion", and not very tolerant of extreme views except my own,

I wonder "From "God's" perspective, How long is the day that it take to create something ."?

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That's exactly what the Catholic priest said when I asked about evolution years ago.
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This is satire, right?... right?... right?...
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sadly, not! Did you check out the halloween stuff?
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
sadly, not! Did you check out the halloween stuff?
Looks like a quick way to get your house messed with afterwards.
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Yep, unfortunately not satire, just the American Taliban, alive and well.
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Heh! Just noticed they are actually pouring energy into trying to shut down Landover Baptist! What silly people!

Anybody who hasn't been to www.landoverbaptist.org owes themselves a visit! Its sister site is www.whitehouse.org
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I would guess that just about now is the right time to yell “FISH ON”.

It is a parody!!! A good parody, but not seamless; so, why do I believe it is a parody? Well, read the bio’s, no info just over the top statements. Notice the links to sites like Landover Baptist, and the Kyle Goldman homepage found under his bio (there are links to KG’s new and old home pages). Neither of these would be available if this was a real site. And do you really think that KG would leave his old site up and running if he had become saved??? : :

Oh yeah, there are many more ways to spot this parody, but see the first site below for more confirmation. The other sites may also be useful but not as good as the first.

Some thoughts on spotting parody: look for addresses, link to the named items or people (like the Dr’s, church or university discussed here – notice how they don’t exist), check e-mail addresses, and once you uncover the parody, enjoy!!!!! [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]




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I think this is an IBM conspiracy.
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Here is the real thing. Be scared, be very scared!!! : : :


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I loved the Halloween thing! Especially Bazooka Jesus!!

The truly sad thing is that some Iowans will stumble onto this and think it's true.

Story about my boss: He is a true religious zealot who would take these all as fact. He is a great proselytizer, and preaches to some people during work for great chunks of time. This merely annoys me, as all preacher wanna-be's do. One day we were having a conversation about (of ALL things) relationships, and I must have struck a nerve. He looked me dead in the eye and said,
"You are Truly LOST", and started shaking his head!!

I am not one to take this lying down, and my reply was--

"Well, I guess I will see you in heaven anyway. I don't have a choice!! If you're right, and there is a heaven and hell, I'm going to heaven. Cause my idea of hell would be to be surrounded by people like you, and they're all going to heaven!"

Sometimes I don't know where I get the kahuna's to say this poop.

Agnostic and happy with that, now leave me alone and knock on someone else's door....

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