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Do ALL Guys Feel This Way????

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Speaking for myself (and not ALL men), my last two relationships were with girls I met skiing. (By relationship, I mean something that lasted longer than the holiday [img]smile.gif[/img])

I think the thing about bikini clad girls is that very little is left to the imagination. It's all on show. Requires no mental effort from the male. I guess it's lazy lust. It's back to the old question of suggestion versus blatant portrayal. I prefer the subtlty of suggested curves, along with obvious fitness (the ability to ski) compared with the tanned (and highly susceptible to melanoma) bodies (frequently altered by man, not the way God made them) of the women who parade on the beaches.

What I mean is, in answer to the question, NO.

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In Fairbanks, a two-bucket woman was a compliment. The kind of gal who could carry two five-gallon buckets of drinking water back to the cabin.

Mountain Women Rock!
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Mmm, you mean like a 2 keg woman in Ireland?

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Since Powder is a forum full of mature insight I guess we must all feel that way.
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An old ski resort term when refering to girls that you would want to date:

"Shes not your girlfriend, its just your turn!"

This is pretty sad too, I perfer to date a girl that I have a lot in common with, and sitting on a beach is really not something that I want to do. Sure, I love checking out hot chicks on the beach with floss for a bathing suit on, giant boobs, etc.. But I'd much rather date, spend my time with somebody who I can hike, ski, bike, climb, or whatever else with. If she is hot, all the better!
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Of course it's not all about which girl looks best in a bikini or in ski gear.

It's which girl has got the biggest pair of .. [ April 11, 2002 07:36 PM: Message edited 1 time, by AC ]
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Funny thread there at Po**er. Our (mens) perceptions are pretty distorted about this subject for one thing since we see a lot more skin at the beach.

And frankly as I get a bit older and more in control of my testosterone, I find that I like to be able to have an interesting conversation with a woman.

And I'll generalize here and say I think Goretex girls have a lot more going on in their heads than bikini girls!
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just proves how brainless some blokes can be...

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Totaly disagree Todd but If ever I get too old to pick up the young hot girls down the beach then I would find some way to justify it too ....... now where did I put that bucket and spade.


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Ok! That's better! And anyway, maybe some mountain girls may not look all that bad in a bikini!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Ok! That's better! And anyway, maybe some mountain girls may not look all that bad in a bikini!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Speak for yourself (and don't forget to work those hamstrings)

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Well I'm not THAT old! But having surf bummed for a few summers at the Beach, and of course being on the slopes all the time . . . I've spent a lot of time with both camps. Wouldn't toss either out of bed for "eating crackers", but I'll take a smart mountain bunny over a dumb beach bimbo any day!

And don't worry, you'll never be too old DB, it will just start costing you more $
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The only problem Todd would have with picking up hot young girls on the beach is that his wife might bash his head in!

And DB: Its the hamstrings and the Kegels!
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Worse - she'd bash the cuties head in, and then do something far more horrible to me!


Beavis: "Heh, heh . . . she said Kegels"

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lisamarie:
The only problem Todd would have with picking up hot young girls on the beach is that his wife might bash his head in!

And DB: Its the hamstrings and the Kegels!

I know, I know, I know.

But where are my kegels

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ryan is that a mountain girl or Keanu Reeves?
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That girl on the right looks a bit scruffy . . .

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Yeah, not quite what I'd call the inspiration for Sugar Magnolia!
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Funny, occasionally i see this woman in Breck and she just stirs soemthin inside me I can't explain. She's cute but it's more than that. Definently like to know her better.

OTOH I often see women who catch my eye in the mall etc and their HOT but......no desire to know them better

It's telepathy or chemistry or soemthing but some women just get under your skin even though they may not be the Flawless Blonde etc. I like to lok at the latter and look AND talk to/at the former [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Trey, GO FOR IT!!! Don't be shy!
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One sickness that I have is that how a woman skis, on a very basic level, affects how attractive she looks to me. A woman who I might normally not look twice at, looks very interesting if I see that she rips. And an outrageously flawless specimen at first glance will suddenly lose much of their allure if I see them hacking it on the slopes.

Its quite deeply rooted, they will physically LOOK less attractive, or more attractive! I can conciously know what is happening, but it doesn't matter - its real to me!

This isn't just a guy thing, my boss - the head of training, has said she experiences the same thing exactly.
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You know you've said this before, but an interesting thing, I've heard some women say they will only take class with a female instructor for that very reason. They feel that if they are taking class with a guy, {especially if he's cute} they are much less likely to push themselves, for fear of not looking attractive.

This is not something I agree with, but its interesting to note some women feel this way.
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The only thing I have to add is.

It's been my observation that there's better looking people in airports than there are in bus stations.

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I don't really think that way with students or instructors I'm coaching. I was refering more to strangers I just see out on the hill. Its not that I cannot recognize beauty in a student/instructor - I just tend to get pretty focused when I'm on the job I guess, because my thoughts just don't end up going in that direction when I'm coaching. If I see them again in the bar later . . . different story!
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Yeah its funny how teaching puts a whole different spin on things. I actually find it sort of precious if a guy is a bit awkward at some of the things I teach, as long as he's humble and has a sense of humor about it.

But even if someone is a "hunk", if I see them sort of banging around out of control in the weight room, GROSS!!!

JC Santana, who some of us in the Fitness forum have been studying with, is nothing to look at but when he demonstrates some of his balance/agility work, well, my illustrious colleagues practically drool!
[Uh oh, I'm gonna catch hell for this on Monday}

Reading that Powdermag thread makes me realize how, even in this day and age, women are motivated by looking good.

In skiwear, except of you're wearing a one piece or stretch pants, the answer to "does this make me look fat?", is usually "yes."

But how many girls do you see out in sub zero temperatures wearing the flimsiest ski outfits, and a mere headband, instead of a warm hat or helmet?

An instructor may not be giving his female students a sex appeal rating while analyzing her skiing skills, but there are probably women who think that he is.

Truth be told, that's really why I hate to fall! Its so terribly ugly! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I have to weigh in on Todd comments about she who rips is instantly more attractive. I have noticed that many times myself.

It is not gender based either. How many times have you made a mental note of someone looking great at what ever they are doing from a lift and later recognized them in the lift line/bar/cafeteria and been surprised by their apperance?

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