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Anybody skied the Atomic BetaRide 11.20?

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Looking for some comments on the 11.20. Checking on mid-fats for my teenage son who is looking for an all-mountain ski that will handle the crud and pow better than his Volkl P40's and has a bit of a twin-tip so he can play in the park occassionally. Shops out west all recommended this ski. Anyone skied this one? Any other recommendations on skis to look at? (need to be a ski that comes in a relatively short length ie 160-168 tops)
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I skied a few runs on the 11.20s last month and posted my positive impressions in the Gear Review Forum - titled "Demo Day: Atomic 10.20, Dynastar Cross,......". I'm sure there are others with more experience on them.

It's an aggressive ski and rather stiff. You didn't mention your son's weight or skill level. If you are looking for a short length, is it because he is fairly small? Perhaps a slightly softer and/or shorter ski would be a better fit. Someone like Betaracer should be able to give you some guidelines for the Atomic lengths.

The Bandit X or XX have a turned-up tail that is supposed to give them some added versatility in the terrain parks.

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GL, yes, he is relatively short, 5'-2", about 115 lbs, but is starting to fill out and is growing a bit ("Finally!!", he says ) He is a very strong, aggressive skier and will tackle anything on the mountain, although he has shied away from the deep powder. He's at an awkward point where he is outgrowing most junior skis, but doesn't necessarily have the weight/height to handle most adult skis (indeed, most GS racing skis don't even come in a short enough version for him). He wants to keep his Volkl's for mostly racing.
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10.20, or 11.20 might be something to look at, but I guess living where you do, there isn't that much of a chance to demo. The 10 is the easier skiing of the two, but the 11 can be pushed harder. Neither has a turned-up-enough tail to be landed switch in the park, unless the snow is firm and smooth.

One other model you might consider for park skiing AND all around is the Freezone Rodeo. Full twin tip, but construction and shape to be used for all around skiing. 16m turn radius, 70mm waist, torsional stiffness all = fun. Lengths available are 163cm and 178cm.
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BR, thanks for the reply. Surprised to hear you say you don't think the 11 (or 10) has enough of a turned up tail. While not a true twin-tip, they both looked liked they could go switch w/o much difficulty. While my son has hinted at getting some twin-tips, I'm a little leary of encouraging him to pursue a lot of park play, thus my inclination for more of an all mountain ski. He may like to take jumps now, but he really doesn't do any tricks yet.
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i demoed the 11.20's and bought them that evening. I am 5'9", 210 lbs, and got the 180s. We had some pretty sketchy conditions and this ski put so much confidence in me to just put it on edge and not worry about it getting tossed around. it is a ski that needs an agressive skier, if you don't throw everything into the turn it won't perform up to its potential. I had also demoed the vertigo G3 and found it to be less stable at speed and not as agressive a ski...however at your son's weight it might be a better ski. As for the park--the tail is turned up enough to ride switch, although there weren't any jumps in yet for me to try taking off backwards. The 11.20 does not feel like a park ski to me because of its weight and the amount of riser you get with the binding system. I think the swing weight is too heavy especially for a lighter person, and the G3 felt like it would be much better in the park.
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[img]smile.gif[/img] It is far and away the best ski I've ever skiied. I own two pair(one is for sale). Living in the Seattle area our snow conditions can change in a matter of minutes. These skis can plow through the crud, hold the ice, and rip the cord's. I would ski this ski with 10" of fresh or less. Anything deeper - it's time to get the K2 Launchers out...

Hope this helps! Great ski!

PS You need to be an agressive skiier for this ski! There is no getting around that!

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Tag, this ski rocks. It is stable, stable, stable. It's also suprisingly agile and quick for a mid. If you stomp on this ski, be ready, things will happen quickly and powerfully. The only reservation for you that I would have is your sons weight, I just don't know if this ski will work to it's full potential(or his)if you weigh less than 150 lbs. or so. Others may be able to confirm or deny this better than I(I'm 6'1"-180lbs on 180cm), but that's what I suspect. This ski has a high end that I haven't begun to tap yet(no snow til Christmas Eve for Mi and I've only got out twice so far and my car broke down the second trip,so...)It also handled the small bump fields easily, was very amenable to carving, skidding, and anything in between. I can't wait to get to know them better. Good luck in your search and the new year.

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I demoed the 11.20s and fell in love w/them; so much so that I bought myself a pair after Christmas.

On the really steep and narrow double black diamond terrain I've found them to be very quick and extremely responsive in turning. In the bumps, they are also very quick to turn. They also seem to chew through the crud w/little effort on my part. Since we've been w/o fresh snow for a couple weeks, I haven't yet had them in deep powder so I can't comment from this standpoint.

Weaknesses to the ske? They are not a "GS type ski"-- I don't recommend them for skiing fast on the groomed terrain (they seem to lose some stability travelling straight at high speed-- I've found myself unexpectedly catching edges). Aside from this latter comment, I am finding these to be a great ski. These are definitely a solid ski for someone in the advanced to expert category.
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